Author’s Bill of Rights

In writing this blog, I reserve the right to …

  1. Edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation and style whenever and wherever I please. Writing is a process, not an instantaneous creation. Sometimes I won’t be 100% pleased with what I wrote originally. When I come up with something better, I’ll fix the original post to reflect that. (Plus I’m human and naturally will make mistakes from time to time, mistakes that will bug me when I catch them and thus will be fixed.) What I WON’T do is make major changes in plot or characterization retroactively, because that wouldn’t be fair.
  2. Play the game my way, which means, yes, breaking some of the RKC rules. (See My Playstyle for more info.) Whatever, I’m not playing for points, I’m playing to have fun. If using Maxmotives repeatedly on business lots is what it takes to make the game fun for me, then I’ll do it.
  3. Take the “Screw History!” approach to historical (ish) fiction and the Arthurian legend. I know a fair amount about both, and I don’t like everything that I know. In other words, girls (and boys) being married off at twelve … eew. Not in my game. (Plus I don’t have those hacks anyway.)
  4. Experiment. This is the first blog I’ve ever written, as well as the first Sims 2 story that has made its way out of my head (and out of the game). I really don’t know what form or tone this blog is going to take. So maybe some posts will be more along the lines of Candi’s Uglacy or EphemeralToast’s Apocalypse Challenge — i.e., the player is the narrator, and terms like LTW, permaplat, and curses at the Sims’ heads are frequently tossed around. And maybe some might be more like Leiela’s Grimstead blog, where it’s really a story with Sims posing for pictures. I just don’t know yet.
  5. Use mildly naughty language. Hey, sometimes that’s what’s going to come out of a character’s mouth. I also reserve the right to alter dialogue to make it more Sims-related. So instead of “Oh my God!” it might be “Oh my Plumbob!” or “Oh my Morgaine!” (because I get to be God to my Sims ;-)).
  6. Take bad pics. No, not those kind of bad pics, just not very technically good pics. I’m getting better but I still have a long way to go, and of course I have this nasty habit of not noticing flaws that should be obvious (sky peaking out where a ceiling should be, walls not completely up) until it’s too late. To make matters worse, I’m going to have to do a few flashbacks, and the pictures from back then were even worse, since I wasn’t planning on showing them to anyone. Oh well. I’ll try to get better, I promise.
  7. Take constructive criticism. Writing is a process — I want to get better at it! So tell me if you think something can be improved, even if it’s just a spelling or grammar mistake. I’ll probably thank you for it. 🙂
  8. Come up with more rights at will. Because I wanted 10, and I can’t think of any more.  😦

My Playstyle

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