The Places and Fashions of Albion

The Places of Albion

After a great deal of thought (and a great deal of arguing with CleanInstaller), I have decided to start uploading some of the houses I’ve created. They’re certainly not the best houses out there by far, but I thought it was about darn time I gave something back to the Sims community, after all these years of shamelessly mooching downloads.

A couple of things before I let you at the downloads:

  1. Most of the files are ENORMOUS. Because of this, I’ve put them int .7z files to keep your computer from exploding during the download process. To open them, you’ll need to download 7-Zip. I highly recommend the program anyway — it’s free and it works on .zips, .rars and obviously .7z files! What more could you ask for?
  2. These files have been scanned with CleanInstaller; however, you might want to look into it yourself just to make sure you don’t install something into your game that you don’t want.
  3. I try my best to follow every FREE creator’s TOS, but I’m human and I’m going to make mistakes. If you see something in one of these lots that is yours and not something you want up for download, please tell me! I’ll take it down right away. (If you’re a pay creator, sorry. I wear my tricorn cap and shake my cutlass at you!)
  4. If there are any other problems with the downloads, please, let me know! I can’t promise I can fix it, but I can certainly try!
  5. These houses are created in an all-EP, all-SP environment. 😦 Sorry — they were created for my personal use, I just decided to share after getting encouraging feedback from the Other Worlds Than These thread at GOS. If they prove very popular, I’ll look into getting the AnyGame Starter and try to create some base-game only or other houses. 🙂
  6. I suppose I should put some kind of TOS up, shouldn’t I? Well, here goes nothing: it’s a house. Do what you like with it, all I ask is no pay and no exchange. I didn’t make any of the CC included in the houses, so you’ll have to check out the individual creators’ pages to figure out what they do or don’t want done with their stuff.

That’s it! Here come the houses!

St. Coral’s Orphanage* — DOWNLOAD

The Fashions of Albion

I would like to say that, after a great deal of thought, I decided to upload clothing … but that would be a lie. I simply opened up Bodyshop and GIMP on a whim one day, started pushing buttons, and discovered, “Hey … this isn’t so hard.”

Naturally, now that I’ve figured out how to do it, all I want to do is — you guessed it — share! With that said, my policy:

  1. NO PAYSITES. Or Exchange, for that matter.
  2. I’m shamelessly piggybacking off other people’s work here, so before you do anything with my stuff, check their policies first.
  3. If you decide to re-upload some of “my” content for FREE, please include credit of some kind. A link would be nice but is not necessary.
  4. If you decide to use my clothing for a story/movie/photoshoot, please, let me know! I’d love to see that somebody other than me was using this stuff!
  5. These files are also uploaded in the .7z format, just so you know. Hey, it’s about half the file size!
  6. ENJOY!

Project Rainbowsleeves* — DOWNLOAD

*Click the first link for more info, pictures and credits!


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