Collegiate Sims

Here are those Sims who are currently pursuing higher education, and the odd party or two.

Cherry Andavri
Class: Merchant
DOB: Ververe 16, 994 (Junior)
Parents: Bart and Sorcha Andavri
Personality: 6/4/2/6/7, Capricorn
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: ??
Significant Other: None (yet)

George Ferreira
Class: Noble
DOB: Lenona 11, 995 (Sophomore)
Parents: Richard & Bianca Ferreira
Personality: 10/7/9/1/1, Scorpio
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Head of SCIA
Career: None (yet)
Significant Other: Ravenna le Fay (In Love)

Dilys Gwynedd
Class: Noble
DOB: Clatan 19, 995 (Sophomore)
Parents: Pellinore & Eilwen Gwynedd
Personality: 10/2/10/2/9, Virgo
Aspiration: Romance
LTW: Visionary
Career: None (yet)
Significant Other: Kay Pendragon (betrothed)

Delyth Gwynedd
Class: Noble
DOB: Clatan 19, 995 (Sophomore)
Personality: 1/8/10/7/5, Sagittarius
Parents: Pellinore & Eilwen Gwynedd
Aspiration: Family
LTW: Royal Physician
Career: None (yet)
Significant Other: None at the moment

Ravenna le Fay
Class: Noble
DOB: Lenona 3, 995 (Sophomore)
Parents: Morgan and Accolon le Fay
Personality: 10/9/3/10/6, Taurus
Aspiration: Knowledge
LTW: Max Seven Skills
Career: None (yet)
Significant Other: George Ferreira (In Love)

5 thoughts on “Collegiate Sims

  1. Oy, Lamorak really doesn’t know how to restrain himself, does he?! 😛 Still in College but already 2 children on the way! =))

  2. It’s not entirely Lamorak’s fault — I mean, yes, he can’t keep it in his pants, but Wei Li is also a friggin’ fertility goddess. This is going to be her THIRD child. (Two of the other “ladies,” Marigold and Mirelle, are still only on their first!)

    • That’s funny… Maybe these ladies need to see if they can’t get some herbs or something to prevent pregnancy! The nunnery can only hold so many

  3. The new freshman young adult makeovers are looking good! Everyone appears very in their element, and George’s picture is priceless. He looks like he’s pointing at a zoo animal. 😆

    Hmm… after these guys all graduate, Camford’s Albionese registration is going to be on the rocks for a few years, isn’t it? I guess next up are Jack and Geoffrey, and maybe Katie if her parents can afford it and she wants to go?

    • George had just ventrilo-farted Elyan in that pic … although, I could definitely see George pointing to him as Exhibit A of the Inbred Asses. 😉

      There’s going to be a much, much smaller number of people going to Camford, that’s for sure! Up next are Jack, then Geoff and Katie … I want to say 2 years later. Paddy would be three years after that (and if the Brogans send anyone to Camford, which is rather iffy, it’s likely to be Paddy). However, the good news is that as soon as Geoff graduates, Banana will be ready to go, then two years after she starts, we get the Nimue/Melehan/Melou/Darius wave … and God only knows where things will let up from there!

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