The Realm of Albion

Hit befel in the dayes of Uther Pendragon …*

A long time ago in a place so far away as to be unreachable in this universe, there lived a king, and the king had a realm. The king’s name was Arthur Pendragon, and his realm was Albion.

Arthur and his realm bore perhaps

a chance resemblance to a certain cycle of stories told often in a land called England. This Arthur, like the one of England, had a circle of close knights whose names included some like Lancelot (though this Lancelot had a wife, named Guinevere), Bors and Pellinore. He had two sisters, named Morgause and Morgan — and, much like in England’s Arthur, his sister Morgause’s husband Lot and son Mordred seemed destined to cause Arthur nothing but trouble. He also had a beautiful queen (or so he thought, and woe to the man who disagreed with him), though unlike the English Arthur’s queen, this queen was named Alison and she was fertile, having delivered him three children: the twins Thomas and Jessica, and younger son Kay.

This Arthur also had a very different history from the Arthur of England. While the Arthur of England was (eventually) the acknowledged heir to the throne and rightful king, the Arthur of Albion was illegitimate, only the slantwise heir to the kingdom of Glasonland. Glasonland moreover had a true heir; the cruel and selfish Vortigern. Old King Uther, knowing both his sons and knowing that civil war was sure to break out when he died, bethought himself of a plan to save both his kingdom

and his sons. His answer? Give Arthur a new land, an uninhabited land, a dangerous land, seeing as it formed a buffer zone between Glasonland and the rapacious and grasping Empire of Reme.

Arthur knew his brother as well as his father did, so when the twins were just beginning to toddle and young Kay was not even a twinkle in his father’s eye (you try getting your eyes to twinkle when forever chasing two rambunctious toddlers), Arthur took his father up on his offer, left his homeland of Glasonland founded the realm of Albion. It was to be a realm different from Glasonland, a land of staid tradition, where the strong did what they pleased and the weak put up with it as well as they might. Albion was to be a land founded on the virtues of truth, justice and equality (or at least as much equality as Arthur could get the nobles to stomach). It was to be a land where good would be rewarded and evil punished, where children could grow in love and happiness, where platinum plumbobs would dot the landscape, and where, if he worked hard enough, if he dreamed big enough, any man (or woman) could change his stars.

It was to be Albion. And hopefully it would prosper.

Credit for both maps goes to the wonderful Andavri, because she has TALENT!

*Starting line of Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.

Citizens of Albion

The Places of Albion


6 thoughts on “The Realm of Albion

  1. Wow, Morgaine, you’re off to a great start! Wonderful piece of writing to begin the RKC. I like your writing style. Especially the quirky comments you throw in.
    Your header is also awesome! It looks.. just.. wow. 😀 *swoons* Is it from a default WordPress layout, or did you hunt it down yourself? (If so, where is that delicious piece of land located? It looks like England but I could be hopelessly mistaken.)

    But it also looks like you’ve played a fair bit already, judging by the Graveyard and the babies and toddlers. Which I really like, as it means you have lots of stories to tell already!

    I’m very curious to see what you’ll do with this next! Will you keep the folks at the yahoo group posted? 🙂

    Good luck,

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments!! Since I know people are reading, it’ll be that much more reason to keep going with this. I hope to get more pages up tonight, though I make no guarantee for pictures. 🙂

    The header, fortunately or unfortunately … I’m thinking fortunately … is a default from WordPress. It’s called Ocean Mist by Ed Merritt. I saw it and swooned too! It might be English, but that’s just a guess — it certainly *looks* English which is why I picked it.

    As far as the graveyard and the elders go, all of the elders were created as elders, which is why they’re dead. Evaine and Ban were created in order for Sir Lancelot and Sir Bors to have the same relationship they have in the legend (first cousins). Well, almost the same relationship — it was Bors’s father (Bors the Elder) who was the sibling of Ban, Lancelot’s father. But I refused to have two Sims with the same name in the same household, so there you go.

    But I do have a bunch of stories cooking! So many that I’m not sure where to start, to be honest. But I’ll find a place, don’t worry!

    Thanks for reading and I’ll be sure to keep the Yahoo group posted. 😀


  3. I am already sucked in… great start to the Royal Kingdom. I had to laugh at Arthur unable to get a twinkle in his eyes while chasing toddlers around :). I’m off to read more!

    • Hi Verity! Welcome to Albion! Please enjoy your stay, don’t drink the water unless you’re looking to have children. 😉

      Tee hee, I think Tommy and Jessie would have given Arthur and Alison a run for their money when they were little. (See if you agree with me after you’ve read a few posts featuring the royal brood.) Enjoy your reading, and thanks! 🙂

  4. Apologies for the random comment on an extras page, but I’m in Edinburgh right now and I thought you might be interested 8to know that the double-decker buses here all bear the name Lothian Buses. There is also a Lothian Road and an Albion Convenience Store. I may or may not have confused my brother with a giddy reaction upon seeing said convenience store.

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