I Want to Break Free

This is the storyline of the de Ganis girls and their attempts to wrest themselves from the control of their domineering father.

At some point I will probably have to split these into Freddy-Clarice, Claire’s journey, and Angelique storylines, but for now I think they can stay in one storyline.

Sisters in Arms

Rather Laugh with the Sinners than Cry with the Saints

Virginia, They Didn’t Give You Quite Enough Information

Who Comes Between Me and My Sister?

Friends are God’s Way of Apologizing to Us for Our Families

Built You a Temple and Locked You Away

Easier to Ask Forgiveness than Permission

‘Cause You’re There for Me Too

And I’m a Believer

Mama’s Boy?

Will You Always Find an Escape?

The Best-Laid Plans

Go Often Askew

You Knew My Eyes would be Wet with Tears

Losing It

Some Say Love

Sibling Rivalry

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

Feel the Slow Dissolve

Playing with Matches

House Call

A Friend In Need

Daughters Will Love Like You Do

Just Be Yourself

Those Who’d Ground Me

Where Is My Sanctuary?

And Your Young Women Will Have Visions

I All Alone Beweep My Outcast State

You Are Not Alone

Music Oft Hath Such a Charm

Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean

So Many Things I’d Say If Only I Were Able

Laugh It Up, Fuzzball
Note: This post does not actually include Sir Bors or any of his children or his wife, but since it concerns his probable humiliation, I figured it deserved inclusion.

A Dish Best Served Cold

Just Beyond the Fields We Know

For Those Who Will Wait

So Why Does Your Pride Make You Run and Hide?

Hey, Hey, The Gang’s All Here!

So Mothers, Be Good to Your Daughters, Too

But That Never Hurt No One

Cleaning Up the Mess He Made

Life Begins at Touch of Death

And You Wonder if I’m Strong Enough

Who Brings a Tale Takes Two Away

A Jury of her Peers

Deliberate and Deliver

For Elise

All That I Could Give You Was a Reputation

To Be a Little Less Right to Be a Little Less Lonely

Happy Happy Homecoming

Sweet Serendipity

Positively Primeval

Girls Gone Shopping

For the Things that You Might Have Done

Only a Horizon

Whose Beloved Son She Wasn’t

Mother Knows Best

Take My Hand, Take My Whole Life Too

You Think You Have Problems?

Soldiers of Fortune, And Fortunate Ones

But Sooner or Later it Comes Down to Fate

That Famous Happy Ending

Mommy Dearest and Darling Daughters

The Way of All Flesh

Worse than Pain of Body

‘Cause She Wouldn’t Be a Bride

Ignorance and Understanding

Pity the Fool

You Get What You Need

All the Secrets of the Oceans

Beyond the Sea

The Waiting Game

Learning to Share

Bring Me That Horizon

What You Sow

The Work of the Soul

Until It’s Gone

Frenemies Club of Albion

Wrath of Grapes

Nothing More Worth Having

You Say It’s Your Birthday

In Corpore Sano

Cross of Gold

For Every Step Will Show

No, There Is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up.

Blurry Common Vision

The Caliber of People Who Choose to Follow You

The Price That You Pay

Dining Room and Drawing Room

Some Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

The Art of Choosing Among One’s Thoughts

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