More Sinned Against than Sinning

This is the tale of the Wrightian Church in Albion, and those whom they call their enemies.

It also contains a sub-storyline, “A Mother’s Love“: Whore Erin Shepherd’s attempts to win back her child.

First things first: a primer on the Wrightian faith.

The Wrightian Faith, Part 1

The Wrightian Faith, Part 2

The Wrightian Faith, Part 3

Now, on with the story!

A Secondhand Emotion

If You Build It, Will They Come?

Virginia, They Didn’t Give You Quite Enough Information

Confession is Good for the Soul

Lady Marmalade

And You’ve Been Nothing but an Angel?

A Little Less Conversation, A Little More Action

Built You a Temple and Locked You Away

Some Say Love

An Ounce of Mother is Worth a Pound of Clergy

Rags to Respectability

Entrance Interview

Child’s Play

The Real Reapers of the Wages of Sin

Where Is My Sanctuary?

The World’s More Full of Weeping than He Can Understand

Just Beyond the Fields We Know

For Those Who Will Wait

But That Never Hurt No One

Sweepin’ the Clouds Away

Any Man Can Lose His Hat in a Fairy-Wind

Nostalgia for Innocence


Last Rites

Wisdom is Knowing What to Do Next

Comfort and Succor

Two to Create, Two to Love

All That I Could Give You Was a Reputation

Pilgrim’s Progress

What the Lord Has Joined

I Who Once Complained to the Cyprus-Born Goddess

For The Things That You Might Have Done

Fear No More the Heat o’ th’ Sun

Brothers Up in Arms

But Sooner or Later it Comes Down to Fate

A Readiness for Responsibility

Every House Where Love Abides

Two Men to Make One Brother

No Half Measures

Meeting of the Minds

Performance Review

Bearer of Bad News

As I Wander

Memento Mori

Change is Comin’ Round Real Soon

Learning to Share

Ten Thousand Ways that Won’t Work

A Dollop of Daisy

Theology and Theodicy

A Truth that Brings a Tear

Hinges of Destiny

The Possibility of an Alternative Dialogue

Trouble in My Town

Mountains Where There Are None

Divinely Mandated Righteousness

No Attorneys to Plead My Case?

Punished By Our Sins

Angels Fallen

Horse-Trading and Sausage-Making

Feasts and Fasts

Cross of Gold

Blurry Common Vision

The Price That You Pay

Speech Is Silver; Silence Is Golden

The Lighting of a Fire

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