The Orkney Saga

Two interwoven storylines dealing with the conflict-ridden Orkney family. These are:

  • Maiden, Mother and Crone: The feud between Lady Morgause and her daughter Garnet (with Morgause’s sister Morgan le Fay popping in from time to time). This storyline is now complete. (Well, as complete as it’ll ever be …)
  • For Love or Money: Sir Mordred Orkney and the two women with whom he must share his life — Rosette Chevaux, his mistress, and Lady Dindrane, his wife.

On this page, I’ll put down most everything Orkney-related — these storylines are, after all, interwoven. But for your reading pleasure, I’ll tease out the different threads on the other two pages.

Rose and Thorn (In case you’re interested, this is actually the first Chronicles of Albion post!)

Playing for Secrets

Decisions, Decisions

A Betrothal Feast

Safe Harbor

What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

Nest Building

Uneven is the Course

This is Supposed to be a Happy Occasion!

Cabin Fever

The Hunter Home from the Hill

Green-Eyed Monsters

To Widen the Straight and Narrow

Here’s to You, Mrs. Robinson

They Grow So Fast

Cat’s Paw

Alas that I Have Lived So Long, For Now I am Shamed

Stranger than your Sympathy

Protection Money

Stork Crossing

The Agony of Invitations

Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry

Please Be Honest, Mary Jane

Mommy Dearest

Calling for Backup

Baby Blues

I Know I Could Love You Much Better Than This

Birds of a Feather

The Art of Advocacy

The Mashuga Heresy

Well Done, Wife

You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello

Fear the Reaper

I’ll Never Ask For Anyone But You

You’re So Afraid to Lose

Schoolgirl Fantasies

To Combine Wisdom and Power

Filling the Chair

Beyond the Veil

Spilled Milk

Thank Heaven for Little Girls

High Infidelity

Helpless Sympathy


Can You Cry a Little?

Might Expect More Indulgence

The Erkling

Not While I’m Around

Duty and Disappointment

Wisdom Is Knowing What to Do Next

How Can Anyone Love a Pebble in Her Shoe?

Comfort and Succor

The Hand that Rocks the Cradle and the Hands that Rule the World

Every Moment’s an Ambush

The Twa Magicians

The Robbed that Smiles Steals Something from the Thief

Conscience and Consanguinity

A Jury of Her Peers

Good Friend and a Mug of Ale

Trial of the Century

Witness(es) for the Prosecution

Star Witness

No Sin if You Crack a Few Laws Now and Then

Deliberate and Deliver

The Cinders of Affection

Teeth and Claws

Freeze and Boil

When You’re Feeling All Wrong in the Back of Your Mind Again

For Auld Lang Syne

That Which Does Not Kill Us

Mostly a Question of Dates

Where the Heart Moves the Stones

Papa Don’t Preach

What the Lord Has Joined

I Who Once Complained to the Cyprus-Born Goddess

Parental Marriage Veto?


Face to Face and Heart to Heart

To Build a Bridge

When I Grow Up

And All Will Be Revealed

Honesty Is the Best Policy

All My Children

Every House Where Love Abides

Haven in a Heartless World

Subtle and Quick to Anger

Inlets and Outlets

Wednesdays and Every Other Weekend

Meeting of the Minds

Despotism Justifies the Means

Bearer of Bad News

This World is Not the World I Knew

That’s What Friends Are For

The Spark Hits the Powder Keg

Let It Snow

For That Which Has Been Your Delight

Be Your Hero

After the Rain

The Worst Policy

Not That Girl

Home Where the Heart Isn’t

Under the Surface, Behind the Scenes

Ten Thousand Ways that Won’t Work

What I Really, Really Want

A Truth that Brings a Tear

Tell All the Truth But Tell It Slant

Success in Circuit Lies

Most Foul

Evil Counsel

Toast to Tomorrow

The Problem that Has No Name

Nothing Dearer than a Daughter

Who in the World You Will Turn Out to Be

No, There Is Too Much. Let Me Sum Up.

Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

The Quality of Mercy

Are Sorry for My Going Away

The Caliber of People Who Choose to Follow You

Fuel for Our Journey

Never Think of the Future — It Comes Soon Enough

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