The Storylines of Albion

Here is a page where I will organize different posts into storylines as a helping hand for new readers. (I’ve got almost 200 posts, which at approximately 2,000 words a post … is a lot to read, even if those posts aren’t all story posts. ;))

The most prominent storylines currently are “And Baby Makes Two,” “The Orkney Saga,” and “The Gathering Storm.”

  • And Baby Makes Two: One memorable night is all it takes for Berach Brogan to become a father. This is his story as he tries to adjust to single fatherhood and alter that single state of his.
  • I Want to Break Free: The de Ganis girls and their attempts to wrest themselves from the control of their domineering father.
  • More Sinned Against than Sinning: The tale of the Wrightian Church in Albion, and those whom they call their enemies.
    • A Mother’s Love: Whore Erin Shepherd’s attempts to win back her child.
  • The Gathering Storm: Albion’s mighty neighbor is poised on the brink of civil war, but the only thing worse for Albion than Glasonland imploding would be for Glasonland not to implode.
  • The Orkney Saga: Two interwoven storylines dealing with the conflict-ridden Orkney family.
    • Maiden, Mother and Crone: The feud between Lady Morgause and her daughter Garnet (with Morgause’s sister Morgan le Fay popping in from time to time).
    • For Love or Money: Heir Sir Mordred Orkney and the two women with whom he must share his life — Rosette Chevaux, his mistress, and Lady Dindrane, his wife.

These won’t cover all the posts in Albion by a long shot, but they should make for a good start!

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