The Monster Post of Aspiration Sub-Types

Warning! This is one long-ass post. Like, three times longer than a normal story post. I’d suggest you refresh your drink, take care of any business in the powder room, etc., before getting started. 😉

So, Van started an interesting thread on the Keep talking about how people manage to divide up different aspirations and find differences in characters that seem, on the surface, to be very similar. Of course I never found a good idea without wanting to take it to the nth degree, so I’ve decided to sub-categorize every single one of my characters. Because … well, why not?

We’ll start with the Family Sims, because that’s where Van started. 🙂 And we’ll be going in rank-order, more-or-less, based on how they show up on the profile pages.


Queen Alison Pendragon: The Soulmate. There’s no question that Alison puts most of her time and energy into being a good helpmeet for Arthur. However, I think this is just as much about need as it is about where she wants to spend her time. Her kids are all grown up now and very stable and high-functioning — they don’t need her to be focusing on them. But being a king never really gets much easier, at least not when you’re as dedicated to the job as Arthur is. I imagine that when the kids were younger, Alison was more the Minivan Mogul, but for now she’s the Soulmate.

Crown Princess Gwendolyn Pendragon: The Minivan Mogul. Lynn’s an interesting case. On the one hand, I think she’s got very strong maternal instincts and she obviously wraps up a lot of her sense of self in her children … or at least, she used to before Morgan, Claire and Alison staged an intervention on her. And frankly, I think if she had been raised in a more emotionally-healthy way, she’d be more of the Caregiver (at least while her kids are little). But she was raised to put her husband on a pedestal and attend to his needs first, plus Lynn still sees Tommy as her knight and shining armor and her rescuer … so she puts extra effort into keeping him happy. So Minivan Mogul it is.

Lady Nicole Carpenter: The Minivan Mogul. I think Nicole is very, very good at keeping a strong balance between affection for Milo and affection for Marian. She loves being a mom, and she loves being a wife. It’ll be interesting to see if/how things shift as time goes on. She’s another one I can see shifting more into the Caregiver while her kids (emphasis on PLURAL kids) are little, though she can just as easily shift back when the kids are older and a bit more independent. Somehow, though, I don’t see her shifts being as fraught as, say, Lynn’s.

Earl Bors de Ganis: The Traditionalist. I’m pretty sure y’all saw that coming from a mile away.

Countess Claire de Ganis: The Caregiver. (And who can blame her, given what she’s married to?) However, during her low periods, I think she was more the Traditionalist. I think that was a defense mechanism — she knew darn well how Bors was messing up her kids, but she was so messed up herself that she couldn’t do anything about it. The only way to save what sanity she had left was to detach herself, poor thing. However, now that she’s healthier, she’s happy to lavish affection on her children, the young ones and the grown ones.

Maid Tamsin Raine: The Caregiver. Heck, I might as well do her, since she’s going to be joining the de Ganis family soon enough. I definitely see Tamsin as a lady who will be getting the baby-rabies. That really should be an interesting addition to the de Ganis household: a lady who is interested in having lots of babies for their own sake (and who may or may not be messing up Elyan’s plans by doing so).

Sir William du Lac: The Soulmate. Don’t get me wrong, he loves his kids to no end (I think we’ve seen that), but Jessie always has and always will come first. I also don’t see him as the type who would want tons and tons of children. I honestly think he might have been happy with just the twins if there wasn’t the social pressure to have an heir and a spare. Furthermore, I believe he’s also got some strains of the Traditionalist in him, too, at least “traditional” in that he has a larger view of family than just his spouse and his kids. He’s pretty damn protective of his siblings, as we’ve seen, and we know he has a great relationship with both of his parents. In some ways, I think he’s just as interested in moving the du Lacs forward as a unit as Mordred is in moving the Orkneys forward … just in a far, far less twisted way.

Frederick Ferreira: The Minivan Mogul. So far, I think we’ve mostly seen Freddy as the Soulmate … but that’s mostly because the Ferreiras have so much going on at any given moment that I’ve only had time to show little Colin in what, one post? Once Colin and the bun warming in Clarice’s oven and any further kids get a bit bigger, we’ll get a chance to see Freddy as more of the hands-on dad that I know he is.

Lady Clarice Ferreira: The Minivan Mogul. She’s hopelessly in love with her husband, plus she always wanted a big family and a lot of kids. I think growing up she expected to turn into the Caregiver (and once again, given what we know of Bors’s personality, it’s kind of a miracle he chose a guy as good for Clarice as Freddy), but the way life turned out for her, she’s bound to have lots of affection for Freddy and her children.

Nyasha Farrier: The Caregiver. Now, granted, she’s only a teen, and she’s rather oblivious to the romantic prospect she’s got. I fully expect this to change as she grows up a bit. But I think Nyasha has a deep well of care in her, and she doesn’t quite know how to (or who to) express it. I imagine that when she was still at the nunnery, she was definitely the team mom to all the other orphans. We’ve also heard that she went out of her way to make a dolly for Tara, because Tara (she now knows) is her blood-sister. I think what Nyasha really wants at this point is for somebody, anybody to really love her, and the only way she can think to get that kind of love is to give it out. … Now that I think about it, she might be in trouble once she starts thinking more romantically …

Dowager Countess Eilwen Gwynedd: The Minivan Mogul. Eilwen’s in an interesting (if sad) position here owing to her recent bereavement. She still loves Pellinore a lot and she’s not ready to let that go. And while I think she always will love Pellinore, it’s hard to show high spousal affection to a spouse who is no longer with us. So I wouldn’t be surprised if, as time goes on, she shifts more into a Caregiver role, because that’s where she’ll be able to express her affection … unless, of course, she manages to find love again.

Lady Delyth Gwynedd: Impossible to Categorize. Poor Delyth has been thrown for a loop right now, given her diagnosis. Before she knew about her condition, I’d call her an aspiring Minivan Mogul, leaning more towards Soulmate because given the way she was raised: you need a spouse before you get to have the babies. I think she’ll need to settle down a bit in order to determine just what she wants out of life. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up getting an aspiration change when that opportunity comes up at the end of her in-game sophomore year. It might even be a healthy thing.

Lord Accolon le Fay: The Minivan Mogul. Soooo the Minivan Mogul. He loves his kids, and we all know how much he loves sexy times with Morgan. He’s also the only one of my characters I can see being completely comfortable driving the minivan for carpool. I imagine him having quite entertaining fits of road rage that leave the kids in the back in stitches (and have them learn words that will make their parents very, very angry). Is it bad that I can totally see Accolon driving as a zombie, too?

Bart Andavri: The Minivan Mogul. I don’t think Bart would have given up his life on the high seas if he didn’t really want a better life for his kids. And he and Sorcha have a great partnership, too … plus, you know, he is (or used to be) a pirate. Whoever heard of a pirate who wasn’t up for just about anything in the sack?

Blanche Chausseur: The Caregiver. I know we’ve seen a lot of Blanche with the Cap’n, and I think under his influence she might shift into being the Minivan Mogul. But Blanche’s kids do and have for a long time come first for her. She was very, very focused on taking care of her whole family and putting herself and her needs last. We’re already seeing that starting to change, so I’m pretty sure the rest of the shift will happen sooner rather than later.

Rosette Chevaux: The Soulmate/the Minivan Mogul. We all know that she loves Mordred a lot more than is healthy … not that that’s terribly hard, given, you know, that this is Mordred we’re talking about. But she still loves her children a great deal. She just doesn’t have a particularly healthy balance of love. I think if she was forced to choose, it would be very interesting to see which way she would jump. And she might have to choose.

Anja Jager: The Caregiver. Right now, I think Anja is in much the same state as Blanche was when she first came to Albion: putting everybody else’s needs (especially her siblings’) first, attending to hers and by extension any potential romantic partner’s last. However, I think that could easily change now that George Wylde is on the scene. Also, as little as Roy might like the idea of his girl growing up and getting closer to boys, I imagine he’ll be pushing for her to pursue George and get (some) kicks while she’s young enough to get them.

Betsy Pelles: The Caregiver. When Martin was alive, she was definitely the Minivan Mogul. But it’s been a couple of years now, so I think Betsy has shifted into giving more of her affection to her children and grandchildren. Still, that deep love for Martin does exist … even if, in some ways, it gives her more pain (worrying about him becoming a zombie, for one) than pleasure.

Lukas Pelles: The Soulmate. He loves Marty, don’t get me wrong, and he’ll love Ella’s new baby once she gets far enough along that she can start telling people. But I think, much like with Will, Ella comes first to Lukas. She’s the high-school sweetheart he still loves with all his heart.

Sister Margery Nunnery: The Caregiver. Yeah, she’s got a burning flame for Dindrane, much as she tries to deny it and hide it. I think if she were able to show that a bit more, she’d be the Minivan Mogul. (Now that I think of it, I can also see her being quite comfortable driving the minivan around … probably because I imagine in a modern Albion, she and Dindrane would be married/civilly unionized depending on jurisdiction and Margery would be desperately trying to win acceptance for their family in any way she could). But much like Nyasha, Margery has a lot of love to give but has been rather stymied in finding people to give it to. So she lavishes it on her orphans and her students. We’ll see how this develops as time goes on.

Sister Vyn Scott: The Traditionalist. If only because there’s no category for the Sucks-on-Lemons-as-a-Hobby-ist.

Dowager Queen Viviette du Gaul: The Caregiver. If she’d been in happier circumstances — if she’d been able to marry a man who actually had the intellectual capacities of an adult, for one — I think she would have been the Minivan Mogul. As things were, I think her affection for Vortimer was always more maternal than spousal. Even given that, we all saw her priorities in I Sense There’s Something in the Wind: when a madman with a knife was attacking her husband and her husband’s uncles, she went running for her baby. And now that Lilla is all Viviette has left … watch out.


I want to say first of all that I had a bit of trouble with this one, if only because I tend to use Fortune for my Sims who are highly ambitious as well as those who just want lots of cash. So some of these might take some explaining. Enjoy if you’ve managed to read this far!

Sir Elyan de Ganis: The Scrooge. We know that Elyan worries a lot about spending. While it’s true that he doesn’t have much of an independent income yet, he does have a high earning potential given his rank and education. Once he gets out of college and starts making money, you’re going to have to pry farthings out of his cold, dead hands. But hey, at least this means he ought to be able to course-correct the sinking de Ganis fortunes?

Lady Leona Trentson: The Picture of Success. Ok, this one is mostly based on potential, because she hasn’t quite achieved all the success she wants yet. But she’s got this vision for Albion’s navy, and she’s not going to rest until she achieves it. Furthermore, because she comes from money (lots of money!) she’s very open-handed and generous, though not so much to break the bank (because the du Lacs are good with their money). Strangely enough I don’t see Leona being interested in money as money; like I said, I use the Fortune aspiration for those who have a lot of career ambition and a strong desire to make something of themselves. Leona definitely fits into this category.

Baron Richard Ferreira: The Picture of Success. Dude, the guy became a Baron (just like he wanted), married his son to an earl’s daughter who is also the Crown Princess’s sister (just like he wanted), and he’s rolling in dough (just like he wanted). He also loves what he does and is very, very good at it. Plus he’s got three great kids whom he’s very proud of and a wife he adores — if that isn’t the picture of success, what is?

Lady Bianca Ferreira: The Scrooge/the Picture of Success. I can easily see how a case could be made for Bianca to be seen as the Picture of Success; after all, just about everything I said about Richard also applies to her. But I think Bianca is more careful about money than Richard is. She remembers too well what it was like after her father died and she found a cashbox full of IOUs.  While she does spend money on luxuries, she sees them as investments: she and Richard are not going to be taken seriously as nobles if they don’t look and act the part. However, I think she is starting to loosen up a bit, and I may just say that Stevie and Maude’s new duds were financed in part by Grandma. 😉

Sir Aglovale Gwynedd: The Scrooge. We know what Aglovale wants: an estate. We know that he doesn’t like that Babette is quite spendy. However, I do want to add that Aglovale is a nobleman, so he has a pretty high baseline for what level of spending is acceptable or indeed necessary. Heck, I bet he sees some things as necessities (like servants) that others see as luxuries. While I see him as always being cautious and careful with his money, once he gets his estate, he’ll probably be much more comfortable with spending money and may begin to inch closer to being the Picture of Success.

Duke Mordred Orkney: The Picture of Success/the Scrooge. Certainly in regards to money alone, he’s got high earnings and high spending (but higher earnings than spending). He’s got a profitable estate that he works hard to make more profitable, and he’s not afraid to make a splash with his cash. He’s a nobleman; it’s part of what’s expected for him … and as far as he’s concerned, he deserves every little luxury he buys. But things get complicated when you consider that what Mordred really wants isn’t money, it’s power. (And the reason he’s not a Popularity Sim is because he doesn’t care whether people like him or not; he just wants power over them.) In regards to power, Mordred is more the Scrooge. He will never be happy with the amount he has, he will always want more, more, more.

Jack Andavri: The Perma-Debtor. Before anybody starts to freak out about Jack’s earning potential, let’s remember that he’s only sixteen. I have a feeling that right now, money tends to go out faster than it comes in. However, I think he’s aspiring to be the Picture of Success. He just needs to mature a bit more, finish his education, and figure out exactly what he wants to do before he can get there.

Grady Brogan: The Picture of Success. He managed to work his way up from drunkard’s almost-bastard son to a successful fishmonger with a family he’s providing well for. Plus, Grady’s not afraid to splurge every now and then on little luxuries and treats for his family. Furthermore, even though he doesn’t have the resources that a Richard Ferreira does, he is willing to extend a helping hand to other people wanting to climb as high as he’s climbed. (See what he just did with Neil!) Given that this is a traditional society with limits on how far you can expect to go up in one lifetime, yeah, I’d say Grady is the Picture of Success.

Sandra Tower: The Resource-Minded. Sandra’s an interesting case for a Fortune Sim: she doesn’t work outside the home, and she doesn’t seem to have a lot of money worries or even thoughts about money. Then again, we haven’t been inside her head much. I think the reason she’s a Fortune Sim is because she was abandoned on the front steps of one of the Coralites’ orphanages. She wants to be comfortable, and she definitely wanted to end up higher on the social scale than when she started. Marrying Christopher helped her achieve that (plus, you know, she loves him). Now, I think she’s more concerned with stretching their money so that maybe Coralie, Jason, Susanna, and New-Baby-Due-Any-Minute-Now can get even farther than she did.

Mark Wesleyan: The Picture of Success. I seem to be using that a lot. ^_^ But hey, Mark worked hard his whole life to build a great life for his family. Now he’s the owner of a thriving stable; his sons are set up and doing well; his daughters are either married or settled otherwise. He’s accomplished just about everything he set out to do. If anything, he might be edging closer to Perma-Debtor status, because he’s mostly finished the “earning” part of his life and is moving on to the “spending” part (see: Wei Li). But I don’t see him pushing Josh and the kids into the poorhouse anytime soon, so no need to worry. 🙂

Joshua Wesleyan: The Scrooge. Josh is definitely more in the earning, dream-achieving phase of his life than the spending, relaxing phase. He puts a lot of emphasis on having more money coming in than going out. However, that being said, he’s certainly not afraid to spend money in worthy causes (like education for his kids). And I don’t see him being a complete ass about spending money, even if he might not necessarily like where it’s all going. Still, as he ages and as the bank gets more stable, I expect to see him turn into the Picture of Success.

Joyce Brogan: The Resource-Minded/The Scrooge. Joyce is sitting right in the middle of those two categories. She can certainly stretch a copper until it twangs (that’s part of why Berach is in a much better financial position now). But she’s also got ambition for herself and for her family. She wants to see them rise even higher. It wouldn’t surprise me if she works her tail feathers off to make sure that Berach’s tavern is a success — whatever it will take to get herself and her children (and Berach 😉 ) up to that next level, she’ll do.

Seumas Ruskin: The Resource-Minded. Seumas really does have the weight of the world on his shoulders. Right now, he’s most concerned with making sure his family survives. But as he gets older and the Ruskins get more stable, I expect to see Seumas turn into the Scrooge. He would never want his children (if he has them) or his siblings’ children to go through what he went through. I’ve got some nebulous ideas for his future, so once he gets out of survival-mode, it’ll be interesting to see what form his ambition takes.

Kata Thatcher: The Resource-Minded. Kata’s another who can stretch a copper until it begs for mercy. But she’s always managed to produce a good living for herself and her family, probably because she’s very good with money. However, I don’t see her having a lot of social/financial ambition. Now that she and her family are very comfortable, the girls are married, and that Billy will have a good start, she’s content with what she’s got. And she’ll work hard to make sure things stay that way. But she’s not going to break her back trying to earn a few more extra coppers — what would it be for? After all, she can’t take it with her.

Rhoslyn Johnson: The Scrooge. We’ve already seen that Rhoslyn is not content to remain a nunnery orphan who got lucky enough to get a good apprenticeship. She’s got ambition. I can fully see her, once she gets older, scheming and dreaming her way to a larger fortune and a better place in society. She’s certainly not going to let her origins hold her down.

Brother Tuck Monastery: The Scrooge. It’s no secret that Brother Tuck has ambition: it’s why he became a monk in the first place. Rather like Rhoslyn, he didn’t want to be limited by his origins as a foundling. Unlike Rhoslyn, he saw joining the Church as the best way to make that happen. He might have learned a harsh lesson recently about using others as stepping-stones to power, but I think Brother Tuck will be dead before he stops scheming to become even more powerful than he is right now.

Ash Thatcher: The Resource-Minded. Ash really just wants to provide for his family and give his kids the best upbringing he can, physically, emotionally, and financially. I see him has having very humble wants and needs … which, considering he doesn’t even need to eat, should come as a surprise to no one. But even more, I think Ash is afraid of having a lot of financial success. Or, more accurately, he’s afraid of what other people might do if he gets “too” successful. He’d rather be humble, comfortable, and under the radar.

Lyndsay Thatcher: The Scrooge. And Lyndsay is in some ways the opposite of her husband. I don’t see her as being crazily greedy, but when the “windfall” of money from Morgause’s conviction came their way, she jumped right on it and wanted to invest. Where Ash wants to hide his talents, Lyndsay wants to flaunt them to make a better life for her and especially for the kids. She never wants her kids to be poor and wanting, and she certainly doesn’t want them to be social pariahs. Earning enough money to catapult at least one of them into the merchant class seems to her to be the best way to do that.

Anastasia Steavenson: The Scrooge. Yes, she’s only shown up in one post so far. But she spent years on the street making her living as a prostitute. I can’t ever see her as someone who’s going to like spending money; she’d much rather save it for a rainy (or, given her history, hurricane-y) day. And who knows? Once she gets more comfortable at the brothel, it might awaken some long-dormant ambition in her. Heck, if anything is certain in Albion, it’s that just about everybody is struggling to get more than they currently have.

King Constantine of Glasonland: The Picture of Success … for now. Right now, Constantine’s on top of the world. He just got himself made King, for cryin’ out loud! But it wouldn’t surprise me if, as Constantine gets more used to his role (and gets a better handle on Glasonland’s problems), he shifts into being the Scrooge. It’s not that he’ll necessarily want more. It’s that he might become very, very afraid of losing all that he has.


Before I go on, I just want to say that I’m going to assume that Knowledge Sims have a higher baseline of curiosity than non-Knowledge Sims. So whenever somebody gets one of the “low curiosity” scores, remember it’s for a Knowledge Sim, not (necessarily) for one of my characters in general.

Also, for that matter, I’m going to be looking at “orthodoxy” from many different perspectives, so bear with me here.

Ambrosius Emrys: The Derivative Researcher. I don’t think there’s any secret that Ambrosius is intensely curious about Sims, even if he doesn’t quite know how to handle them. And yes, some might argue that his “researches” at the brothel aren’t exactly orthodox from a religious perspective. But I see Ambrosius being very, very cautious about social limits. He knows he’s an outsider. And though he wants to become more of an insider, he doesn’t want to push himself even more outside in his quest to get there.

Princess Jessica du Lac: The Derivative Researcher. Ok, so maybe the whole “witch” thing puts Jessie a little lower on the orthodoxy scale than, say, Mother Julian, but bear with me here. Jessie might be a witch, and she might be a woman who’s not afraid to think about things and exercise power, but I think that’s where her unorthodoxy ends. In her magic, I don’t see her blazing new trails for others to follow: I see her using tried-and-true methods to achieve her ends. I see her doing research like crazy to figure out how to use magic in a way that best benefits Albion (and Avilion). And when you think about it, what she’s doing is quite orthodox for a princess: using whatever tools come to hand to benefit her country.

George Ferreira: The Shock-Value Seeker. Yes, George is intensely curious about magic. And he’s got enough native intelligence to pull off good or good-enough grades in other subjects without too much effort. But we’ve seen how he’s a bit dismissive of areas of learning that don’t relate directly to magic. PUCK had to talk him into going to college! Besides, if I’ve got any character who will drop shocking facts just to watch the expression on people’s face, it’s so going to be George. Maybe someday he might end up a Thought Pioneer in the magical realm, but I don’t think he’s there yet.

Lady Morgan le Fay: The Thought Pioneer. Let’s see, where do I start with Morgan? There’s the whole marriage to a zombie. And there are the adopted Fae kids. And there is her healing magic, paired with the fact that she’s practically invented talk therapy in the Albion universe. Yeah, I think that makes her a Thought Pioneer. Interestingly I think she might have been a Shock-Value Seeker when she was younger, but as she got older, the circumstances of her life almost forced her to increase her curiosity, and certainly her knowledge.

Ravenna le Fay: The Derivative Researcher. I think it’s highly possible that Ravenna will hold some unorthodox opinions compared to society at large. But I think she keeps them pretty quiet, and does her best to live as if she’s the same, or nearly the same, as everybody else. Plus, in terms of her magic, I don’t see her necessarily being an innovator. I see her being quite content, like Jessie, to research what’s gone before and use it for the task at hand. Plus, let’s face it: somebody’s got to wear the Sanity Pants for George. 😉

Duchess Dindrane Orkney: The Thought Pioneer. Cowplant. Resurrect-O-Nomitron. Need I say more? 😉 However, I will add that I think she has some of the habits of a Derivative Researcher — she certainly does her homework before she does crazy experiments (most of the time), and she does seem to have a good understanding of the scientific method for a pre-Enlightenment society. If people don’t understand her theories until long after her death, it’ll be because she has the good sense to keep her extensive records and proof hidden until she’s dead and nobody can punish her for what she did.

Sorcha Andavri: The Shock-Value Seeker. Sorcha’s a pirate (or at least she was a pirate), so she’s not going to score high on the orthodoxy scale. But I don’t quite see her as having had the time or education to become a Thought Pioneer, either. So I think most of her knowledge centered around what was practical for her to know at the time, though I think given time and the opportunity, her curiosity will get the better of her and she’ll be able to branch out a bit.

Cherry Andavri: The Shock-Value Seeker. Cherry has a better chance for education than her mother, but I think Cherry enjoys shocking people in a way that Sorcha doesn’t. Cherry also has a strong practical bent: she does love learning new things, but given the choice, she’ll focus her time and energy on things that are useful (or else useful to scandalize others). As for orthodoxy, let’s not kid ourselves: she’s a pirates’ daughter from Bledavik. If I didn’t know that Cherry has a huge vocabulary, I’d say that “orthodoxy” wasn’t even in it.

Geoffrey Chausseur: The Derivative Researcher. There’s no question that Geoff has a lot of curiosity and is very, very thoughtful about the world he lives in. But even though he likes to turn things over in his head and look at them from all sorts of angles, I don’t think he’s at the point where he can really be unorthodox. He’s having too much fun in the allowed parts of knowledge to feel the need to explore elsewhere. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if he matures into a bit more of a Thought Pioneer, albeit a quiet one.

Robert Wesleyan: The By-the-Book Teacher/Shock-Value Seeker. Rob is really straddling the line between these two branches, I think mostly because of how he approaches being unorthodox. He’s certainly got what appears to be a pretty orthodox life on the surface: a business, a house, a wife, two kids and a third on the way. What unorthodox opinions he’s got, he usually keeps to himself unless he thinks they’re relevant to what he’s doing. So I think he might appear to outsiders to be more By-the-Book while having the opinions of a Shock-Value Seeker. Furthermore, as far as curiosity is concerned, Rob is an artist, not an academic. Although he enjoyed Camford and did well there, I don’t see him as really going after the pursuit of “knowledge” per se: he’s happy to learn all he can about color and line and perspective, and I can see him summoning up some mild interest in the humanities, but I can’t see him nosing around every field and branch of knowledge just because he can.

Heloise Wesleyan: The Derivative Researcher/Thought Pioneer. Heloise, I think, has some definitely unorthodox opinions — certainly when it comes to her sex life and her thoughts about the Church. But she’s very, very careful to toe the line in her research, teaching, and what she says when Important People are listening. Plus, when it comes to her field, I think Heloise is very much an academic (in the humanities): she researches and researches and researches, and writes up her findings, but I don’t think that you’d find much in there that’s new if you looked at her writing. (Yeah, can you tell I’ve spend some time in academia?)

Merlin Emrys: The Thought Pioneer. Merlin went and started a school for witches and wizards in the first country that would allow him to do so. He’s also got big ideas about organizing all the witches and wizards, giving them a united front so they can’t be pushed around anymore. He is definitely quite unorthodox in his field. However, he certainly has his limits — we’ve seen that he’s not quite unorthodox enough to catch Mordred’s scent — and may have trouble seeing reality through the rose-colored spectacles he wears.

Naomi Emrys: The Derivative Researcher/By-the-Book Teacher. In the magical field, Naomi is a heck of a lot more orthodox than Merlin is, even if people outside the magical field might not see her as being much different from her husband. Certainly in her teaching I see her sticking to the “rules” of magic and doing her best to impart them to her students … whatever she might think of the rules of the rest of society. She’s also got her doubts about some of her husband’s dreams, but she still does her best to help him because she does see the good that would come from getting the wizards organized.

Edmond Chevaux: The By-the-Book Teacher. Edmond, I think, has a good amount of curiosity and is pretty thoughtful about what he sees. But he’s also quite orthodox in most of his opinions, and certainly in how he presents himself. True, he’s got some thoughts that are at odds with society — we saw how he thinks that visiting Cerise’s grave is a waste of time, for instance — but he’s very careful to show an orthodox face to the world. I think if he had had the opportunity to have more education, he might have turned into the Derivative Researcher or even the Thought Pioneer, but given his life circumstances, By-the-Book Teacher it is.

Roy Jager: The Shock-Value Seeker … with the caveat that he doesn’t like to go around shocking people. I think he’s in a similar situation to Edmond and Sorcha: curiosity is there, but there hasn’t been a lot of time for him to indulge it. Roy has been forced by his life circumstances to focus on the practical, and as a result, he knows a lot about the forests, animals, and hunting, but not perhaps all that much beyond that. We’ve also seen that Roy has some pretty unorthodox opinions regarding Plantsims, showing, I think, that he places a low value on what “everybody says” or “everybody knows.” We’ll see just how unorthodox he can be once he gets to know Erin a little better.

Neil Porter: The Shock-Value Seeker/Thought Pioneer. Let’s face it, Neil let himself be eaten by a cowplant and brought back from the dead just so he could see what it was like. He’s definitely not going to be scoring high on the orthodoxy scale. As for curiosity, I think he’s got a lot of it … but he hasn’t had a lot of education or opportunity to indulge that curiosity. I think if he had a chance for a good education, he would have been a Thought Pioneer for sure.

Ailís Porter: The By-the-Book Teacher. Ailís scores a lot higher on the orthodoxy scale than her husband does; she certainly wasn’t pleased when she found out about his cowplant experiments. But like Neil, a lot of her curiosity has been constrained by her education (or rather lack thereof) and life circumstances. Even if she would have had a chance for a better education, though, I can’t see her being other than a By-the-Book Teacher — she’s too practical to go chasing every last rabbit back to its hole. And before I let you go on this one, a fun fact: before she met and got into a relationship with Neil, Ailís was considering (read: I was considering for her) becoming a nun.

Father Hugh Monastery: The Derivative Researcher. There is no question in my mind that if Father Hugh wasn’t responsible for half the Church in Albion, he’d be writing brilliant theological studies. But Father Hugh’s, unlike some people’s *coughGALAHADcough*, would be thoroughly grounded in the orthodox positions of the Church. Like Heloise, he has an academic’s mind; unlike Heloise, he’s not very skeptical of some of the things the Church says and does. True, he has an open mind for a Churchman — we saw how easily he consulted Morgan on a medical issue — but his particular order has no problem with magic, so we can’t trust that too far. If Father Hugh had time to write and think, I have no doubt that other Pascalians would call him a Thought Pioneer, but compared to my other characters, he’s still a Derivative Researcher.

Brother Andy Archer: The By-the-Book Teacher. Brother Andy was raised in the Church — yes, in the relatively liberal Pascalian order, but still in the Church. He’s has orthodoxy pounded into him. Even so, I don’t see Brother Andy as having the type of mind that likes to go chasing after new and unusual things. Do I see him wanting to eagerly learn all he can about his chosen field (medicine)? Oh yes. He might even contribute some new knowledge to the field, given that he’s in Albion and sees how some things are possible here that simply aren’t anywhere else. But even if he does some studies and figures out some new therapies, I think by training and temperament, Brother Andy will always be pretty By-the-Book.

Brother Galahad du Lac: The Thought Pioneer/Derivative Researcher. I don’t think I have to explain how Galahad might be considered a Thought Pioneer — just look at the definition; it screams GALAHAD all over it. But I think, at this point in his life, Galahad sees himself as a Derivative Researcher. He doesn’t think he’s unorthodox. He thinks he’s more orthodox than the rest of the Church, because he’s looking at the Book of Wright and he’s applying logic to figure out its teachings. However, we’ll see how long he can continue to have this opinion of himself.

Mother Julian Nunnery: The By-the-Book Teacher. We’ve seen her teaching — everything has to go back to the Book of Wright, and she worries a lot about her own and other people’s orthodoxy (mostly other people’s). She also doesn’t have the time to indulge her curiosity beyond the bare minimum that’s required for her to teach her students and run her nunnery well. The sad thing is, I think if Mother Julian had joined a different order when she was younger — one that encouraged more freethinking and wasn’t exclusively concerned with the care and keeping of orphans — she might have been able to nurture her own and others’ curiosity instead of feeling that she constantly has to stifle it.

Beau Lothario: The Derivative Researcher/Thought Pioneer. Beau’s in an interesting position, and no, it’s not just because I’ve only gone into his head for one post. Like Heloise and Dindrane, I think he has a rather academic frame of mind. If he comes up with “crazy” theories, it won’t be until he’s researched the hell out of them. However, Beau is a lot more cautious when it comes to what kind of knowledge he seeks than Dindrane is … with excellent reason. I could easily see Beau being or becoming a Thought Pioneer in his chosen field (mathematics, cryptography and perhaps astronomy — I haven’t decided yet), but being much more orthodox or orthodox-seeming in daily life.


This list is going to be a bit short; I tend to use Pleasure as a secondary aspiration more than I use it as a primary aspiration. I think it’s because Albion is still a new kingdom and most everybody has more important things to be doing than going out in search of a good time. I just wish I remembered who had this as a secondary aspiration … but on the other hand, if I did, this monster post would be even longer!

Jessiah Andavri: The Daredevil/the Game Master. In his younger days, I can see Jessiah pulling all kinds of crazy stunts while aboard ship and on land. Nothing would have been too scary or too risky for him — and look, he survived! However, I think since his retirement, he might be moving more into Game Master territory: still creative and wild, but less into things that come with significant risk to life and limb. It’s been a fun ride, so Jessiah isn’t ready for it to be over just yet. 😉

Wei Li Kwan: The Comfort Lover/the Game Master. There’s no question that Wei Li has been through a lot in her life. Right now, most of what she wants is a chance to rest, recuperate, and put her skills to good use. Comfort Loving is the life she was raised to have. However, that being said, I imagine that in the bedroom, she’s more of a Game Master, always thinking of new and inventive ways to make things interesting (and that won’t put Mark’s back out).

Simon Chevaux: The Game Master. Simon got into the theft game as much for the thrills as for the cash. I can easily see him as a teen and young man nicking things that won’t be noticed and getting a thrill from it because, while risky, it was just too easy. He would have been the Daredevil back then.  However, Simon’s matured a bit, and he’s realized that he has no desire to go out on the scaffold. While he’s not ready to give up the criminal game just yet, he’s putting his ingenuity to good work by trying to come up with ways that will get him cash but won’t get him dead.

Ella Pelles: The Comfort Lover/the Adrenaline Junkie. Ella strikes me as a woman who’s always up for a good time, whether it’s dancing, dining, or just hanging out with friends. But she’s not really a creative type, one who always has a great, original idea to get things going. Furthermore, while I think she could be convinced into Adrenaline Junkie activities without too much effort, she’s not the type to seek them out on her own. And given her social status — peasant, young wife and mother — I doubt many of those opportunities are coming her way anyway.

Marigold Thatcher: The Game Master. Even if she lived in an era where skydiving and white-water rafting and swimming with the sharks was a possibility, I can’t see Marigold ever chasing after those types of experiences. But she’s clearly got a lot of ingenuity: how many people would take her, um, unique features and parlay it into sexual opportunity? Plus, let’s face it, Marigold is good enough at her business to keep her house repaired, her girls clean and healthy and as happy as she can make them, and everybody on the right side of the law. Plus … in bed … yeah, I’m thinkin’ she’s a master of that game.

Queen Emilia of Glasonland: The Daredevil. Now, this is with the caveat that Emilia is a noblewoman in a pseudo-medieval universe. I see her thrill-seeking being less physical and more cerebral: getting into spats and head-games with the other ladies, manipulating events at court to work out in her favor, and oh, yeah, being a willing accomplice/egging her husband on in his scheme to get himself made king of Glasonland. Seriously, what’s more risky than that? Going forward, I see Emilia’s character developing in one of two ways. Now that she’s gotten what she wanted, she might shift into the Game Master, no longer needing the thrills because she’s got power instead. Or she might become extremely bored and try to find some other risky activities to keep her going.

Lord Antonius Tarquinius: The Comfort Lover. In his younger days, Antonius was maybe an Adrenaline Junkie — if you consider whoring, partying, and excessive drinking to be risky, thrilling activities. … I guess they kind of are. But now that Antonius has gotten older, has lost all of his blood relatives except for his great-niece, and barely survived the civil war, the dude just wants to be comfortable and die in his bed.

Maid Adrienne of Lothario: The Adrenaline Junkie? Maybe? She’s never actually appeared in a post … but I can easily see her chafing at the restrictions imposed on her by house arrest, and since she’s young enough to be extremely stupid, indulging in some very, very risky activities.


I think the only caveat I need to add here is that this is the Middle Ages (ish): everybody has a high reputational awareness, certainly a high class-awareness, even if they’re not a Popularity Sim. So the reputational awareness scores will be relative to my other Popularity Sims, not relative to Albionese society or, heck, human experience as a whole.

King Arthur Pendragon: The BFF/the Smooth-Talker. Of course, as a King, Arthur’s got to have a pretty strong awareness of who he’s talking to, what their reputation is, and what he wants or doesn’t want them to do for him. But I think once you get him outside of that king role, he’s more of a BFF. He’s a born leader, true, and he tends to lean on his friends a lot (let’s remember how he asked Lancelot to be a juror at Morgause’s trial, since he was one of the only ones he could trust to give a fair and just verdict), and he has an astute judgment of just about everyone he comes across. But he doesn’t want to be a “social chameleon.” He got into this business (so to speak) to help people, and even though he has to have a lot of skills, he’d really much rather spend his time making things better for other people than manipulating them into doing what he wants.

Crown Prince Thomas Pendragon: The Smooth-Talker. There’s no denying that Tommy has a lot of affection for his friends, even though, like Arthur, he does tend to lean on them. (I think it comes with the job.) But I think Tommy gets a lot more enjoyment out of being a “social chameleon” than Arthur ever did. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Tommy is excessively power-hungry, but he likes getting things done, and part of him likes playing people off each other. He’s also extremely savvy when it comes to how he presents himself to a particular audience. And I think, at the end of the day, he’s going to enjoy being King and managing people more than Arthur does.

Prince Kay Pendragon: The Smooth-Talker. I’m not surprised that the Pendragon males all have elements of the Smooth Talker in them; I think it comes with the territory. Kay especially loves getting to know people and finding out what makes them tick. He’s like Tommy in that he has fun figuring out how to make people do what he wants them to do, even if I don’t think Kay has to put his theories into practice as often as Tommy does. For him it’s more of a mental game. Kay, I think, gets to indulge his connection strength more than Tommy or even Arthur does. We’ve seen how he’s decided he’ll be the one to show Freddy the ropes of being a nobleman, and he does love being a matchmaker. I can’t wait to see what Kay does as he gets older and starts getting more power and authority.

Sir Milo Carpenter: The BFF. Milo’s definitely one where my earlier caveat — everybody has high reputation awareness — applies. He’s certainly no dummy about his reputation and the reputation of people around him, even if he did decide to say “screw it all” and marry the tavern waitress he fell in love with. But more than that, I think Milo has a very, very strong awareness of how life can come and kick you in the teeth when you’re least expecting it. He’s found out just who his real friends are now, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep them and to keep them happy. He’s also discovered that it’s quality, not quantity, of friendships that matter … which is a bit of a change from his college days, when he was more of a Social Butterfly.

Duke Lancelot du Lac: The BFF. He’s LANCELOT, possibly the most famous BFF (except for the whole Guinevere thing) in history! But the nice thing about being Lancelot, best friend of the King and a powerful Duke in his own right, is that he doesn’t have to give a crap about his reputation. As long as he refrains from killing people and other serious crimes, he can befriend people whom he thinks are good, kind people rather than just those who are the “right” people for his set. And if other people don’t like it, they can screw themselves. (Not that Lancelot would ever put it in quite those terms.) Lancelot also gets to be the guy to stand up for victims of injustice (see: Marigold) without having to worry much about harm to his reputation, simply because it’s the Right Thing to Do.

Duchess Guinevere du Lac: The Smooth-Talker. Guinevere is intensely interested in people (she’s a writer!). I see her as being a type of person who really does like to talk to everyone at parties, wanting to know more about them, what makes them tick, etc. And everything is fair game for a book someday. But, of course, we’ve also seen the lengths she’ll go to help a friend … and how she’s not afraid to speak her mind if she thinks a friend or a family member, or heck, even an acquaintance of long standing (Claire) is in trouble and needs help. Plus, she’s always the life of the party, telling dirty jokes to the ladies while the gents take their time over their port and “important discussions.”

Benoic du Lac: Um … can I get back to you on that? At the moment I’d classify him as the BFF because he’s cloned off Lancelot. But I haven’t done enough with him to really find out more than that.

Earl Lamorak Gwynedd: The Social Butterfly. I definitely see Lamorak as the “flakey” guy going around talking to everybody at parties, but never for too long or too deep. Specifically, I see Lamorak as wanting to surround himself with lots of buddies … but I don’t know how deep many of those attachments go. We’ve never really seen Lamorak have to come to anybody’s rescue or show how much a friendship meant to him. Well … except with Mordred … but that just shows how Lamorak is really not a good judge of character.

Countess Garnet Gwynedd: The Snob. Garnet, I think, has an extremely high reputational awareness. While she’s not as cruel as Regina George, she definitely knows just where she and everyone else stand in the pecking order. I also don’t see her hesitating to put anyone in their place if they’re trying to get close to her and Garnet judges them as “unworthy” for social reasons. (Except Babette, but the only reason Babette gets away with what she pulls is because she’s family.) Garnet is also very, very hesitant about letting people in. I think part of her wants to have lots of friends because she never got the love she needed from her family; however, she’s also afraid of getting hurt again. Still, if she decides she likes you and lets you in, she will go to hell and back to make sure you get all the love and affection she thinks you deserve. We’ve already seen that with Garnet’s relationship with Leona.

Lady Babette Gwynedd: The Snob/the Social Butterfly. There’s no question that Babette is a complete flake. And when she’s at a party with people of her rank or higher, she’ll definitely exhibit Social Butterfly behavior. However, when it comes to everyone else, Babette is a Snob in every sense of the word. She could easily be as cruel as Regina George. Poor Nicole has already been on the receiving end of some of that, although luckily for Nicole, she’s progressed past the mental age of sixteen and doesn’t really give a crap.

Katie Brogan: The Social Butterfly. Katie’s Popularity-ness is still a bit nebulous to me. I think Social Butterfly fits her best now because … well … she’s thirteen. I don’t think she’s quite hit upon the realization that sometimes quality is more important than quantity. However, that being said, it wouldn’t surprise me if she matures into more of a BFF.

Pamela Chausseur: The Snob (partially because there isn’t a “The Bitch” category). If there is anybody who is worse about keeping score and knowing just where everybody stands on the pecking order than Babette is, I think it would be Pamela. I think Pamela’s problem is that she’s so obsessed with doing everything right that she doesn’t give herself license to care about people as people. So while I think in Glasonland she would have had a lot of connections among people of her own age and status, I don’t think many of those connections went very deep. She might actually be rather lonely now that she’s in Albion … which could explain a lot about why she’s so unpleasant.

Christopher Tower: The BFF. Christopher’s got a lot of outgoing points, but he seems to be a rather quiet type (maybe it’s because of his 1 Playful point?). More than that, I think he’s capable of a lot of personal loyalty, and we’ve seen that, like Milo, he can throw societal judgments aside and marry someone somewhat inappropriate. Actually, it would probably make more sense to say that Milo is like Christopher in that way, but whatever. Anyway, I think that Christopher’s life circumstances have taught him that the people who matter aren’t the ones who have the most money, the best connections, or the most ability to get you where you want to go. They’re the ones who will stand by you when you are completely down and out. And I think Christopher strives to be that sort of person for anyone whom he considers a friend.

Danielle Wesleyan: The Smooth-Talker. Dannie is, I think, exceedingly good with people; she’s just got a talent for opening them up and getting them to show her their true selves. And sometimes she does use this talent for her own financial gain in her dressmaking business. 😉 Dannie also needs to surround herself with a lot of people; she gets easily bored and restless if she isn’t being stimulated by social interaction (with people who are not under the age of 4). But she’s also got a lot of loyalty and care in her. We saw how she traded a favor with Lynn to get Babette — BABETTE!!! — a measure of social acceptance. Imagine what she’ll do if she needs to help somebody she actually likes!

Pierre Chevaux: The Social Butterfly. I know I haven’t done a lot with Pierre since he and Meg more-or-less made up. But all the same, I see him as valuing quantity over quality of friendships. He likes to hang with the guys, and we’ve seen that he can be talked into doing some exceedingly stupid things if the right person is egging him on. He also didn’t heal the breach with Rosette until he needed something from her. However, it would be interesting to see just how he measures up if one of his friends really needed something from him.

Roma Chevaux: The BFF. Roma did have some elements of the Social Butterfly in her when she was younger, at least in terms of being willing to talk to anybody and being open to friendship. But now that she’s grown older, she’s put more of her energy into keeping a few really good friendships going strong. That could be to her advantage or her disadvantage as the plot goes on … and as Simon either does or doesn’t get into more trouble.

Glenna Ruskin: The BFF. Glenna I think has a higher reputational awareness than perhaps being a “BFF” would indicate … at least, a higher awareness of her own reputation. She knows she’s got a hard road to walk, and I think when she decided she’d be keeping Seona, she made a partial peace with it. However, the friends she does have now, after everything, she will fight to keep and help if she possibly can. I think I should probably get her and Roma together — the two of them will probably need a strong arm to lean on and a steady shoulder to cry on as time goes on.

Erin Shepherd: The BFF. For anybody who’s wondering what Erin is doing on this list, I switched her aspiration from Pleasure to Popularity because I didn’t think Pleasure suited her anymore. And now that that’s out of the way, I don’t think anybody will be surprised that Erin is a BFF. She might have been a bit careless about her friendship with the other brothel girls when she first moved out, but I think that was because she was more worried about Wulf. Now that she’s got Wulf secure, we’ve seen just how much she cares about the friends she has … and how little she cares about what anybody else thinks of those friends.

Billy Thatcher: The BFF. I seem to be getting a lot of those. But we’ve seen with Billy that, while he tends to be a bit diffident in the company of people whom he considers to be his “betters,” (remember: everyone has high reputational awareness!) he cares a hell of a lot about the friends he has. And I certainly look forward to watching Billy and Jack make trouble for years to come. 😉


Romance is going to be a toughie. As you can see, one of the axes is “monogamy potential” … but the society I’m working with is very, very encouraging of monogamy to the point of being highly punitive of anything else. This especially goes for women, and most of my Romancers are women. I think perhaps it will be important to keep that in mind for most of these. Just bear with me on these ones.

Lady Dilys Gwynedd: The Sexual Romantic … with the caveat that Dilys is still a bit innocent where sexuality is concerned. However, part of the description includes the words “true romantic,” never were truer words spoken about Dilys. She’s a bit shy, so I imagine that no matter how high a libido she has, she might be hesitant about saying what she needs to say to make sure her needs are fulfilled. (Luckily I don’t see Kay being shy about asking her how she’s feeling and what she wants.) But she is a hopeless romantic, and I think she’ll be very happy with one committed partner.

Toinette Brogan: The Sexual Romantic. Toinette is another true romantic, for all that she presents a more practical face to the world. But she put up with a lot (Finley) for true love, and I think things are good between Toinette and Grady in the bedroom. She’s certainly not shy about asking for what she wants out of Grady! And now that the kids are getting older, the business is doing well, and she and Grady can start to re-focus on themselves, I have high hopes for how their romantic lives will go. Takemizu, here they come!

Cressida Wesleyan: The Sexual Romantic/the Serial Monogamist. Cressida was named after Chaucer’s Criseyde, except I used Shakespeare’s spelling of her name for the sake of my sanity and the readers’. That Criseyde is more of a Serial Monogamist, but I think that had more to do with life circumstances (being a woman during the Siege of Troy) than personal preference. Cressida has a strong romantic streak, and so far she’s been content with just Joshua. But I wouldn’t be surprised if, as time goes on, she started to feel a bit restless. While I think Cressida has too much care for her family, her own reputation, and ultimate Josh to cheat, things might get interesting as their relationship progresses.

Berach Brogan: The Friend with Benefits. Pre-marriage, I see Berach as having been pretty casual in his affairs, but all the same, he’s got a very good heart and a lot of genuine affection for the people he beds. We also saw just how much he cared about Joyce when he busted the door down when she was being attacked … even if Joyce ended up kicking Clarence in the nuts five minutes later and rendering Berach’s assistance mostly unnecessary. So far, Berach has been faithful to Joyce now that they’re married (perhaps it’s the fear of castration winning out?), but it’ll be interesting to see what happens as time goes on.

Sister Angelique de Ganis: The Extremely Frustrated? She is a nun. However, if she had her druthers, I think she’d be a Serial Monogamist. I don’t see her as wanting to be tied down or settled down, given the way she was raised and how she watched her mother’s spirits be crushed day after day after day. Yet she does have that persistent yen for Galahad … it will be interesting to see how she develops, especially once she gets some actual sexual experience that doesn’t involve kissing the candy-shop boy to get sweets for the kids.

Tambu Livius: The Friend with Benefits. Even not taking her occupation into account, I can’t see Tambu ever being happy with one lover: she’d prefer to have lots of more casual connections and live her life free and unencumbered. I also see her being scrupulously honest with her lovers, explaining that none of them are the only one. Still, she has a lot of affection for the ones she lets in — we’ve seen that with Shiny.

Mirelle Peaseblossom: The Hook-Up Master. Mirelle is a Fae, culturally and mentally if not physically. The only thing the Fae care about is whether all (note I did not say both) parties are freely-consenting adults. Mirelle has no problem with hooking up with as many people as possible, and she’s up for just about anything. (I imagine she has a rather dark kinky side.) She also will do some rather underhanded things in order to get what she wants, unfortunately.

Lady Donna Lothario: The Friend with Benefits. I see Donna as always having been warm and affectionate with her partners … emphasis on partnerS. She never really wanted to be chained to just one man, and she was clever enough to figure out a way to do that. I imagine the reason why Vortigern liked her enough to give her and estate and have three kids with her was that Donna was always honest with him: honest about what she wanted, honest about where she wanted their relationship to go, and honest about what she was doing on the side. Unfortunately Donna’s having a bit of a dry spell at the moment, given the whole house arrest thing, but … maybe things will pick up down the line? You never know!

Whew! That should be everybody. If I’ve forgotten anybody, or if you vehemently disagree with some of my characterizations, or just have some thoughts, let me know in the comments! 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Monster Post of Aspiration Sub-Types

  1. Oh, yay! You posted this!

    As of right this second, I only have something to say about one character (you probably already know which), but I have a few thoughts bouncing around for others. So, I am going to rush off and take a shower to get the thoughts flowing, and then in maybe an hour or so, I’ll be back with a little more insight. 🙂

  2. Okay, I’ll start with the monster comment–Delyth’s, as you probably guessed–then I’ll mention a few others in a new comment. Right now I have thoughts for Garnet and Dilys, but I may come up with more, either as I’m typing these or in the near future (or the distant future).

    I’m not sure what I was expecting you to categorize her as, even thinking back to the time before Eilwen told Garnet about Delyth’s lack of period. I remember being surprised that she was a Family Sim, but then again, she seemed like she could be any aspiration. She’s always been the sort of character who needed to find herself, though she seems to do a good job of hiding it in social situations. I mean… I’d be less concerned about her if she had a major picked out, or even if she seemed to have a hobby or two, but she seems to be at a total loss, and the diagnosis has just made that much more of an issue. Right now, she’s a noblewoman who can’t (conventionally) have children, has less than no interest in joining the church, and has no interests apart from her relationships so far as we’ve seen; in a time and place where her options are more or less pop out babies or be a nun, her life must look like an empty, hollow mass of Wright knows how many lonely years. She might rise above and be awesome and damn well make everyone else see her awesome, or she might collapse into major existential depression, or she may cycle through both of those and everything in between.

    That said, I’m also not surprised that you might switch her aspiration–and at this point, I could see anything except Popularity or Pleasure. We’ve already seen Delyth’s reaction to pregnant women, and that probably won’t get better as her close friends get to the point where they’ll be having babies, so barring magical intervention and even if she manages to have a fulfilling, well-rounded life with everything else she could want, I suspect she’ll always be at least somewhat isolated, at least among other women. A Fortune aspiration would be good for her, since she’d have a career to focus on. I think I’m hoping she’ll be a Knowledge Sim, because then she’d have a career and then some to focus on (plus, if she keeps Family as a secondary, Knowledge would increase the chance of Fae encounters and/or looking into magical possibilities; the Sim geneticist in me is hoping she’ll have at least one magically-conceived spawn, just because she has these characteristic, avian-esque features that her more conventionally attractive siblings all missed). I could also see her becoming a Friend with Benefits Romance Sim a la Donna, and possibly defaulting into the lower-monogamy-potential end of the Romance scale while she’s figuring everything else out; sex-for-the-sake-of-sex can be very therapeutic.

    (In any case… can I put some karma toward Delyth moving in with Kay and Dilys in the event of her leaving Camford without any clearer idea of what she wants to do with her life? Especially if Mordred has succeeded in offing Lamorak? Because while I can see Lamorak pushing for the nunnery from a no-one-would-expect-kids-and-no-one-would-gossip perspective, I don’t think he’d ever force one of his siblings into something they didn’t want, especially if his father wouldn’t have; Aglovale would probably be more of a my-word-is-law type of family head, but I’m sure he’d back off if Dilys and her husband the prince told him where to shove it.)

    • You couldn’t see Delyth as a popularity Sim? Interesting. I was thinking of that as being the most likely aspiration I could switch her to, but that might be because I see Popularity and Family as closely-related aspirations. The way I see it, they’re both interested in people, one being interested in people in the family circle, the other outside.

      However, I agree to you that I can’t see Delyth as a Pleasure Sim … unless it was a brief phase that she entered into as she tried to work through her other issues.

      You’re right that she needs a hobby. She definitely needs some interests outside of what she thought her probable future would be (husband and babies). I think when she was younger, Delyth was trying to put all her focus into enjoying life and having as much as she could while she was still young enough to get her kicks. I think all of those playful and outgoing points she has contributed to that. She figured she had the rest of her life to be settled and relatively staid. I think she may have also had a slight tendency to, as much as possible, define herself by the people around her.

      But now that’s all changed … Delyth has to figure out a way to live for herself now, because she can’t count on there being other people (a husband, kids) to live for. Probably the first thing to do would be to figure out just what she wants to do with her life, starting with what she wants to study while she’s at Camford.

      Kay and Dilys probably would be the best people for Delyth to live with! Dilys certainly would love having her around, sad as she would be about her sister’s condition. And while I think Aglovale would have the temperament of a my-word-is-law head of the family … I can’t see his relatives letting him pull that. Delyth isn’t getting sent to the nunnery without a fight, and Garnet and Eilwen both would take her side. Garnet, if she has any power over Delyth’s dowry via her part-control over the estate, would probably flat-out refuse to agree to the scheme unless Delyth was enthusiastically in favor of it. And I think Eilwen could do a lot with some well-placed guilting. 😉

      … Man, the idea of Aglovale having to fight an uphill battle against Garnet and possibly Eilwen for anything he wants to do almost makes me feel sorry for him in the even of Lamorak’s death …

      • I think the main reason I couldn’t see Delyth as a Popularity Sim–at least, at this point in her life–is due to the sheer pressure of socializing. Everyone needs friends, and everyone wants to be a good friend, but when you’ve got stuff going on in your life and your future is uncertain and you’re depressed… well, sometimes it hurts to be around happy people. Or not-unhappy people. Misery loves company, but that’s assuming that the company is also miserable, and I don’t see Delyth wishing any angst on her friends just so she can feel slightly more comfortable. That, and–even in the future, long after she’s come to terms with it–surrounding yourself with people, especially if you’re one of the subtypes who likes lots of people, creates more opportunities for elephants in the room. They might be too polite to say it, but people will be asking themselves questions. Why isn’t she married? Or, if she is married, why doesn’t she have children? Or why does she only have children that look nothing like her and her husband, and why does nobody remember ever seeing her pregnant?

        I don’t know, maybe that’s just been my experience as generally discontented individual, but Popularity has always struck me as an aspiration for either very happy Sims or very status-driven Sims.

        Question. What are the planned majors for the current college crop, or at least those who have it figured out in-story? I seem to recall Dilys’s as being geometry, but I’m curious about everyone else’s, at least as far as they know.

        Hey, is your Dark Arts major Albion canon? I know the Wrightians of Camford wouldn’t be thrilled about that, but I like to imagine this old-as-sin nun who teaches the most boring-sounding subject ever offered, but whose graduating students always seem like they’re in on some sort of brilliant joke… 😆

  3. Garnet: I agree with your analysis of her as The Snob (though a much nicer Snob than Regina George, plus with less of an inclination toward manipulations and social games), though I’m curious as to how she would have turned out had she not grown up with Morgause as a mother. Then again, that’s such a broad question that there are probably a thousand answers. I’d also like to add that in her close friendships (Leona, her sisters-in-law, Ravenna, Morgan…), she does seem to have at least a bit of BFF in her.

    Dilys: Sexual Romantic does seem to be the best fit for her, even if she’s still very innocent at this point and we don’t know much about her libido yet (I do think it’s possible to have low-libido Romance Sims, but we don’t know yet if that’s Dilys). Unlike any of the other current collegiates, I could see Dilys foregoing Albion’s unofficial if-you’re-betrothed-it’s-okay policy in favour of waiting for the wedding night (but I could see her being curious too).

    Galahad: I love that he thinks he’s orthodox! I’m very, very curious as to whether or not it’ll stay that way… 🙂

    • That’s a good point about Garnet’s slight BFF tendencies. They just come out around so few people! 😆

      If she had not grown up with Morgause as a mother … hmmm. Well, she certainly wouldn’t be the Garnet we all know and love. (… Tolerate? I like Garnet, but I don’t think I can speak for anything else.) She might still be the Snob, only with more Regina George characteristics. I don’t think that Lot would have discouraged her from being snappish and insulting to people who are not of her social level. Or, of course, she might have developed a whole different aspiration. Perhaps Fortune, as Lot managed to pass that down to Mordred. He might have passed it down to Garnet, too. Then Garnet might have been a very grand lady, master of the courtly game.

      Well, as for Dilys waiting until the wedding night or not … if she wants to start exploring, she had better do it quick with Kay, because soon he’s going to be away for months! But I see Dilys as being somewhat Gwynn-like in her outlook (right now at least): kissing and touching is wonderfully romantic, sleeping together … not something she wants to do at right this moment. Kay, I think, would definitely need to do some coaxing if he wanted things to start before the wedding … but given the voyage he’s got on the horizon, I don’t see him pushing things at present, either.

      LOL! Ah, Galahad. Well, I think Martin Luther, John Calvin, et al. all thought they were the ones following the true path of Gospel and everybody else was reading it wrong. So who knows! 😉

      Thanks, Van! 😀

  4. Wow, this really is huge! I loved reading your thoughts on this. It certainly made a lot of things clearer to me. Thumbs way way up!

    I’ll probably have to reread a couple times to store all the wealth of information in my mind. Right now it’s all in a bit of a tumble. ^^

    Thank you for posting this for us!

    • Took me a few days to write up, this did. 😆 But it was fun, and I think it was a good thought exercise. It did force me to think about certain characters (Emilia comes to mind) a bit more deeply, so that’s all to the good.

      Reread as often as you want! I can understand how it’s all a bit of information overload at the moment.

      Thanks, Ann! 😀

  5. This was incredibly interesting! I really enjoyed looking at the way some of my favourite characters veiwed themselves, and others I don’t know so well too. You put so much thought into all of Albion, it really is an inspiration 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


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