Some Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

Tyves 4, 1014

Elyan ducked into St. Pascal’s Hall, shaking out his hair and the water from his shoulders. Rain — how fitting. He had to meet another prospective bride today, and he’d have to do it soaking wet.

… Maybe not soaking wet. The storm had come up suddenly, and it was a ferocious one, but it had come up late enough that Elyan only had a quick dash to get into the building. But of course it had to start to rain only after George had left him. Elyan was trying to be a conscientious connection to the boy, showing him the ropes of Camford and trying to instruct him how to act in front of his social betters (which were just about everyone on campus), but George made a trial of it. He wished that it could have started to rain while George was still with him. It probably would have made the dye from his clothes (far too sumptuous and expensive for a man of his low birth, as Elyan had told him more than once) start to run — and wouldn’t that have been fun to watch!

Unfortunately, ill-luck seemed to be the name of the game for Elyan. And it seemed, too, that he was the butt of Mother Nature’s joke today. For the young woman whom he was coming to meet was named Raine. Maid Tamsin Raine.

Elyan mentally reviewed what he knew of her as he shook off the last of the water. Her father was a knight. Elyan wanted to smart over this, but he knew that Albion was a small kingdom, and his father was the poorest of the landed nobles in it. A poor earl of Albion probably was the equivalent of a knight of Glasonland. More to the point, Sir Carlisle Raine was a longtime retainer of Baron Constantine of Caernavon — now King of Glasonland for all intents and purposes. Envoys of the Robertians had journeyed to him some time ago, and rumor insisted that an official Church blessing of his reign was only days — maybe weeks if the messengers got holed up — away.

So that would be a good match, if Elyan could make it. A wife with connections to the highest power in Glasonland — and, of course, him, brother to the Crown Princess of Albion, uncle to the third in line to the throne. Who knows? He could be uncle of a King someday (may the day be long in coming)! Yes, politically, it was a very good match. Which was why it was beholden upon him to — once again — not screw this up.

At least it wasn’t my fault that Lady Clemencia’s father decided he wanted her closer to him than in Albion — I can’t help where my father’s lands are. He sighed. His fault or not, he was two brides down. He needed to find another young woman, fast, before he left Camford. He couldn’t bear having to return home and, instead of having Leona waiting for him, as he had assumed all his life, have to continue the search.

So he took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, and marched over to the small library, where he had been told Maid Tamsin would be waiting for him.

He gathered all his courage and threw open the door.

There was only one person inside — a young woman with black hair, fair skin, and a teal dress with silver accents. All of those features tallied with how Maid Tamsin had been described to him. The book that she held in her hand and was apparently engrossed by hadn’t been in the description — but they were in a library. Stranger things had happened than a young woman being interested by a book she found in a library. Elyan coughed to gain her attention.

She looked up, startled. “Oh! Oh, hello!”

Elyan smiled, prepared to step forward and introduce himself — but the young woman forestalled him by getting up and hurrying to the bookshelf to … put her book back?

She turned around with an almost apologetic smile. “The brothers are awfully particular about their books,” she said. “I’d hate for them to not let me back in to read.”

Elyan supposed he could understand that. “And you were reading …?” he asked. He didn’t know what he expected — probably a hagiography, or a history. Something instructive and edifying. This was the library — well, one of the libraries — of the Pascalians, after all.

The young woman’s eyes lit up. “The Knight of the Cart by Lady Guinevere! Oh, it’s a wonderful romance! I love it so much!” She laughed. “This has to be fifth time I’ve read it. I just love everything Lady Guinevere writes!”

… Bloody hell. He finally found a likely prospect for a bride, and she was a follower of Leona’s mother?

“But I’m being rude,” laughed the young woman. “I’m Tamsin Raine. You … you are Sir Elyan, aren’t you?”

“Indeed I am, my lady.” Elyan leaned in and formally kissed her on the cheek.

As he kissed her, he wondered — why was she still unattached? He had been told that she was in her last year of studies, like he was. It was no shame for a man to have not had his matrimonial future planned at this point in life — it was not like he didn’t have plenty of time — but for a woman

Then again … the war in Glasonland had played hell with a lot of matrimonial plans. That was why the Elyans of the world still had pickings left on the table.

“So …” Elyan groped about for something to say. He would settle on something tried and true. A compliment, that always worked, didn’t it? “You look quite fetching in that gown, if you don’t mind me saying, my lady.”

The Lady Clemencias of the world would have tittered and asked, “What? This old thing?” The Leonas of the world would have looked at the gown, then at Elyan, then at the gown again, finally shaking their heads in certainty that Elyan had lost his mind. The proper ladies of the world — like his sisters … well, all right, like Gwendolyn — would blush and look away, and politely murmur their thanks.

Tamsin did none of those things. She grinned. “Thank you! It’s my favorite!” She looked down at the gown and smiled. “It always brings me luck.”

Elyan supposed that a lucky gown was better than the lucky pair of braises that Kay had always sworn by.

“And you look quite dashing in that tunic of yours, sir,” Tamsin went on with a slight giggle.

“Thank–thank you,” Elyan stumbled. Had he ever been complimented on what he was wearing before in his life? This day was already shaping up to be … interesting …

They stood there for another moment, staring awkwardly — then, without warning, Tamsin laughed again. “Well, we might as well get down to business, mightn’t we, Sir Elyan? Have a chat, see if we’re suited?”

“Er — er, yes, we had better,” Elyan replied. See if they were suited? Oh, dear. Was this a girl with ideas — like Leona? Although … although, if it was only to be a match arranged for financial and political reasons, there was no point in having this meeting. They could have met at the church door, or when the betrothal papers were signed. It might have been better that way. They couldn’t take it into their heads to dislike each other if they barely knew each other when they were married.

“Shall we go upstairs and get coffee, then?” Tamsin asked. “We can talk more easily upstairs — and we won’t be disturbing anyone who wants to read.”

“Yes. Yes, of course, we ought,” replied Elyan. Slowly, he extended his arm to Tamsin. “My lady?”

She took it, though she had to let go when they went up the stairs. And somehow, when they entered the small coffee room in the Hall, Tamsin had managed to be in front of him.

She managed to be a bit strange in other ways, too. For one, when they ordered their coffee, Tamsin did not communicate her preference to Elyan and let him order — she ordered for herself. And she paid for herself, too. Feeling the coins in his purse, Elyan decided that he wouldn’t take that as an insult, but instead as a blessing … for now.

But even though she was forward and forthright when it came to ordering the coffee, she was quite docile otherwise. She let Elyan pick out a table (on the far end of the room, near a window), and once they were there, she was happy enough to let Elyan help her into her chair before he sat down himself.

Then they were both sitting, and sipping their coffee … and once again, Elyan’s tongue was stuck to the roof of his mouth, and he had no idea what to say. Flirting with a girl was one thing, but what were you supposed to say to the woman who was supposed to become your wife? For a moment Elyan found himself missing Lady Clemencia. At least he never had to worry about what to say when she was around.

Tamsin took a sip of her coffee, seemed to sense the awkwardness, and laughed. “Perhaps we ought to take turns asking each other questions. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never done this before.”

Elyan shifted. Was that a good sign or a bad sign? More to the point — would his answer be a good sign or a bad sign to her? So he didn’t answer, instead electing to cough and asking, “Oh? Why not?”

“Oh …” Tamsin flushed, and she blinked. “Well … I was betrothed before. Since I was twelve. So … it never really came up.”

Since she was twelve? Wasn’t that — no, wait, it was legal in Glasonland. And it was perfectly lawful in the eyes of the Church, which mattered much more. “That’s quite a long betrothal — especially if your father decided to send you to Camford, even though you already had a betrothal set.”

Tamsin blinked. “Well–I know some people would look at it like that–but Papa wanted to send us all. And Soren was going to go anyway, and he’s only a year older than I am–he was,” Tamsin stopped. “He–he was.”

Was? Elyan flinched in sympathy. That poor young woman. But in a way, it was a relief. If a young woman entered into a long betrothal — and then her fiance died — well, that took the mystery out of why she was still on the shelf. And there was no shame in having a fiance who had passed away.

“I’m so very sorry to hear that,” Elyan replied. “I mean — about your fiance.”

Tamsin smiled. “Thank you.” She swallowed a couple of times. Elyan wondered how recent the blow was. She wasn’t in mourning … but there was still a sadness about her.

Then it was gone — well, not gone, perhaps. Perhaps it was only hidden. Elyan hoped as much. He wouldn’t want to marry a girl who could throw off her sadness as easily as an ill-favored bonnet. “But you never said, Sir Elyan? What about you? Is this your first time doing this?”

“Oh … I …” Elyan shifted. “Well–I too had a long betrothal, of sorts.” That was the most sensible way to explain it. “But … it fell through about a year and a half ago, and so … my father has been looking for me ever since.” He hesitated, then added, “There was another young lady who looked likely. Lady Clemencia Abraham. But that too fell through.”

“There was only ever just Soren for me,” replied Tamsin. “Soren of Adenau, that is.”

So she went in for honesty and full frankness. That was … Elyan would count it as a bonus. After all, his father always said that women were deceitful and duplicitous, so an honest one was a rare gem indeed.

However, Elyan was nowhere near prepared to be as fully frank — at least, not where Leona was concerned, which would be the next logical thing to bring up. So he changed the subject. “Well, doubtless you want to know more about me! I’m studying history, military history in particular, and it is my father’s wish that I join the Knights of Albion when I graduate. As my brother-in-law is the Crown Prince, I have every hope of rising quickly through the ranks.”

Elyan meant to go on. But as he was taking a deep breath and trying to get his thoughts in order (namely, how to make his father’s ambitions for him sound like his own, and how to not let it slip that breaking off the betrothal with Leona meant that he was no longer a shoo-in for the position of Marshal of the Realm once Sir Lancelot left it), Tamsin began to speak. “That’s nice! I’m studying grammar — mostly concentrating on literature and poetry.”

“Grammar? But that is only the first of the arts!”

“I know,” shrugged Tamsin, “but I enjoy it. After all, that’s what’s most important about choosing a course of study, isn’t it? That you enjoy it? We have the rest of our lives to do our duties, so we ought to take this chance to live for ourselves. At least, that’s what my mother always said.”

That was … very wise. Far wiser than anything Elyan had been expecting to hear this morning. And — who knew how different Elyan’s life would have been, had he had that advice for the taking? He might have studied rhetoric all along …

Then he saw the hole in Tamsin’s logic, and laughed. “Ah — that’s very good advice for a woman. After all, one can major in just about anything and still be an able lady, wife and mother — it’s not as if one needs a Camford education to do that!” Elyan laughed. “But –”

“Couldn’t you say the same thing about a knight?” asked Tamsin.

” — a man — what?”

“A knight. He certainly doesn’t need a Camford education,” Tamsin pointed out. It wasn’t belligerent or snappish — not at all like Leona would have said it — but it was there. A direct contradiction to what he had said. “All you really need is training — lots of training — but Camford doesn’t really do that. In fact … other than a doctor, or a professor, is there anything you really need a Camford education for?”

Several answers came to Elyan’s mind: a monk or nun. A general or tactician. A great lord. A king. But every time an answer came to mind, he had to reject it. Too many men had managed to be good or even great monks, generals, lords and kings without ever having set foot in Camford.

“And my mother always said,” Tamsin continued, “that no matter what you choose to study, it will help you in your role in life. Camford is supposed to be here to teach us how to think — and to help strengthen our faith, of course — but once you know how to think, you can apply that to just about any set of duties and it won’t matter whether you learned how to think by — by looking at literature and grammar, or by looking at military history.” Tamsin grinned at him. “Don’t you think?”

“… Well, perhaps, if one views education that way, your view makes a certain amount of sense,” Elyan conceded. “But I see Camford as an investment of both time and … well, coin. And that being said, I want to get the largest return on my investment possible. Therefore, I study what will prove to be most useful.”

“Then I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree,” replied Tamsin, cheerfully enough, “because I think you never know just what will be useful. But I see your point. It’s probably more important to be practical if you already know just where your life will be heading and there’s a course of study at Camford that will help you more than others.”

“… Isn’t there a course on the wifely arts?” asked Elyan.

“Pfft!” Tamsin scoffed. “I know I’m not the brightest, but I’m not such a chowderhead that I need to be in that course. That’s where only the silliest girls go, you know.”

“Er … no. No, I did not know that.” It had been his father’s desire that both Gwendolyn and Clarice take that course of study (and both had flouted that desire). But perhaps, if what Tamsin said was true, they had a good reason. There was no hiding that both Gwendolyn and Clarice were quite clever, for girls.

… Or even, if Elyan was being honest with himself, for Sims in general.

“Well, I suppose that’s to be expected. Most young women in that course are at least clever enough to know that letting out just what the course is would only hurt them — and those of us who aren’t …” Tamsin tilted her head to one side, then she laughed and shrugged. “I guess we have mercy, most of the time! I hope you won’t tell, Sir Elyan?”

“Oh–I wouldn’t dream of it!” Elyan added. He doubted the subject would even come up. There was no way a young woman of Albion would take that course — at least, now that his own sisters had declined it. So, he doubted he would eve have an opportunity to spill the beans.

Elyan opened up his mouth to change the subject again when the ringing of the bells from St. Robert’s next door perforce put an end to all conversation. Tamsin paled. “Drat! I need to make it to my next class!”

Taking that as his hint, Elyan stood and helped Tamsin up. “Well, this was … quite nice,” Elyan said. And it was true — it was far more pleasant than any coffee date had been with Leona or Lady Clemencia. “I–I hope we can pursue this acquaintance in more depth later.”

“I, too!” replied Tamsin. “My father certain seems quite excited about the match — I can only hope your father is just as excited. And if they are determined — well, it would be awful to get to the church door and barely know each other, wouldn’t it?”

“Er …”

“Very awful,” Tamsin said. “It was nice meeting you, Sir Elyan.”

“The same to you, Maid Tamsin.”

Tamsin smiled — and without warning, she leaned in and granted Elyan a chaste peck on the lips.

She pulled away in a minute, before Elyan could even be sure that that butterfly-light touch was even a kiss. “See you soon!” She waved at him and skipped off, hurrying to her next class.

And watching her go, all Elyan could think was, You know … that could have gone a lot worse …

I wonder when I get to see her again?

28 thoughts on “Some Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet

  1. Well, Tamsin gets my approval. She’s not so brazen that Elyan will dismiss everything she says (or worse, take it as “an insult to his masculinity”), but she’s still genuine and honest with him, and more than clever enough to keep him on his toes. She’s exactly the sort of woman that could shift Elyan’s perception of women in general, hopefully to the point where he can one day stand up to Bors and ask “Father, how do you manage to hold an entire army’s worth of shit in a single digestive tract?”.

    I could also see Tamsin and Leona getting along at least reasonably well. And hey–if she moves to Albion, she’ll get to meet Guinevere. 😉

    And huh, seems like someone’s considering the value of an enjoyable major too. I wonder if Elyan could pull off a last-minute change of plans grade-wise? I seem to recall the cut-off in-game being earlier, but when it comes to storytelling, the (non-posing) limits of the game are ultimately up to the writer.

    • LOL! As much as I like your question for Bors … Elyan may be better than his father in a lot of ways, and certainly a lot smarter, but I don’t think he’s clever enough to come up with that. 😉

      Hey, I’m glad you like Tamsin! I wasn’t sure how she was going to come out until I started writing her. She’s got 10 playful points, so that ought to be an interesting contrast with Elyan’s more modest 5. And she’s a Family Sim. Methinks it would be interesting if Gen. 2 of the de Ganises ended up having lots of babies because Mommy wanted them this time around. 😉

      I am also really looking forward to writing the meeting of Tamsin and Guinevere!

      Since Elyan’s almost halfway through his senior year, I’m going to say that it’s too late for him to change. And at this point … I’d almost say it wouldn’t be worth it. Elyan’s already spent almost 3 1/2 years studying military history. He didn’t enjoy it, but at this point, all that time spent is water under the bridge.

      Thanks, Van! 🙂

      • Game Mechanics wise, the Sim has until the first semester of Junior year to declare a major and has through the second semester of Junior year to change their major. The options regarding major disappear the first semester of senior year.

        It also sounds like story wise that its too late for him to switch majors, but I hope that he’s not so brain washed by his father that he can’t think for himself and stand up to Bors on some other important issue in the future.

        • Hi Orilon! I don’t think you’ve commented before. (At least, WordPress usually doesn’t ask me to moderate if somebody has commented before.) Welcome!

          Oh, just wait until Elyan gets home. I think it’s only a matter of time before he starts going head to head with his father … because the estate really matters to Elyan, and Elyan is not going to be happy with how things are being run.

          Thanks! 🙂

  2. If Tamsin is the lady in Elyan’s future, I imagine that he is in for a bit of a ride. (Which is good, this is Elyan. He could use that sort of ride.) I wonder if any of the things that Tamsin said will sink in.

    She’s cute. And seems like she’d be a good match for Elyan.

    So is Elyan hoping that George will get rained on because he really thinks the tunic is above George or because he knows that George fills out that style and them hose a lot better than Elyan did when he was stuffed into a hose and codpiece for Lynn’s wedding.

    I do have to wonder, if she’s a girl with connections, why her father would be interested in marrying her off to Elyan… I have a feeling there’s more there than is being said…

    • Tamsin is indeed a cutie! And she’s not Elyan’s preferred type, which is good — like you said, he’ll be in for a ride. He could certainly use the shake-up. 🙂

      LOL! Elyan’s conscious thoughts are all about the style being above George. But he also hates that George can pull it off as well as he can. So it’s definitely a mix of both.

      … Well, Elyan is the brother-in-law to the future King of Albion. So far, even though Constantine is king in all but name, her father hasn’t seen an upgrade in title (though I’m sure he’s made off with a lot of loot). Most of the reason why her father is interested in the match is because of Elyan’s connections. Hey, he doesn’t know that said future King of Albion can barely stand Elyan!

      Thanks, Andavri!

  3. I could ship this, I really could. (Couldn’t manage to ship Leona/Elyan, because that ship isn’t destined to sail, it’s destined for a Viking funeral.) It sort of seems like Elyan could ship it, too, in a relieved kind of way.

    Part of me wonders if Elyan is so wrongheaded about girls precisely because he was intended for Leona for so long. Leona, in possession of superior force (in a lot of literal and metaphorical ways), isn’t one to pick her battles against Elyan… which puts him on the constant defensive. Tamsin’s big one-up on Leona and Clemencia was summed up beautifully in “I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.” Clemencia works end-runs around the men of her life in giggly secret, and while Leona isn’t the sort of person who would admit she didn’t want to fight over the issue.

    Tamsin is open and honest, with a light sense of humor, just demure enough for Elyan to see her as ladylike, and just bold enough to be able to stand on her own when she has to. And to say what she wants.

    (Also, Tamsin said it would be ‘awesome’ to meet at the church door without knowing each other. I think that’s supposed to be ‘awful,’ as in her next line.)

    • *watches the Elyan/Leona ship float burning out to sea* Yup … Viking funeral is about right.

      That’s a really good point about being intended for Leona so long. Elyan has been told by his father that he’s supposed to be In Charge at all times … but his betrothed wasn’t reading from the same script. So Elyan would approach everything as a battle, demand obedience, insist that his word was law. And obviously that only made Leona dig her heels in more. And Clemencia is the sort who just nods and smiles and does whatever she wants anyway, which means that Elyan couldn’t trust her (especially since he’s been primed by his father to believe that women are naturally duplicitous and dishonest). Tamsin stands up for herself, but doesn’t “emasculate” Elyan. So things could be looking up on that score.

      However, I wonder how she’ll react to Bors …

      And *facepalm*. Yes, that is supposed to be awful, not awesome. I was very close to faceplanting when I wrote that bit. Thanks for pointing it out, Hat! 🙂

      • I will say her name sounds familiar, but I had to look up Tamsin the doll by Helen Kish.

        When you bring up reacting to Bors, my heart sinks. Here I was, fingers crossed that nobody would warn Tamsin off of Elyan, and now I find I have to cross them that somebody warns her about Bors, instead. There’s hope for Elyan, Tamsin! He’s young and trainable! You won’t have to put up with Bors forever!

        • … There’s two of them! I actually first heard the name Tamsin from a book. (Like I first heard about so many things …) It’s out of print but still sitting on my bookshelf. I should reread it sometime.

          Just keep your fingers crossed for Tamsin and Bors. All hope isn’t lost yet. She may surprise you. 😉

          Thanks, Hat!

  4. Well! Here is a girl who could actually work with Elyan! She seems to have started to geniuinely like him too. And good counters to his comments! If she continues like that I could see Elyan actually falling in love with her, which would be VERY good imho! He wouldn’t be so inclined to dismiss her (and the rest of womankind with her) if he did, I expect. And with her sense of humor and honesty she could really take him down a peg or two (*cough*) when he needs it without putting him on the defensive, which (as andavri points out rightly) he has been with Leona for his whole life.
    Tamsin could be the Elisabeth Bennet to Elyan’s Mr. Darcy. And they might both come out the better for it!

    • Elyan in love … oh my … that would be a sight to see! 😆

      I agree that Tamsin could be very good for Elyan. She’s got what he needs, and she should be able to challenge him to becoming a better person. And she won’t be a doormat, either, which is DEFINITELY what Elyan needs. Nor will she be the lion that is Leona, always clawing at him.

      However, I draw the line at comparing Elyan to Mr. Darcy! Mr. Darcy is too awesome; Elyan couldn’t hit that category if you gave him a million years! Let’s say … hmm. Tamsin is probably closer to being the Marianne to Elyan’s Colonel Brandon. … Sort of. Maybe.

      Thanks, Ann! 🙂

  5. Omg Elyan has made progress.

    1, In his thoughts he admits that his sisters are not only clever for girls, but clever for sims.
    2. Tamsin disagrees with him and he isn’t outraged.
    3. He listens to her opinions and sees them as wise even though they directly conflict with his father’s.

    I think Elyan is still suffering over losing Leona. I think it is more than a matter of public humiliation. I think he was starting to fall for her, or maybe already did, before she left. I doubt he is aware of that. In his misguided way he thinks that Leona leaving like she did was a complete rejection of him and a total humiliation. I doubt he knows how to take her back without feeling that he is the laughing stock of Albion. Of course being unaware that he already is. Not that he’d know how to win her bac anyway.

    Now that Leona has found a dreamy native it is just as well if Elyan marries this woman.

    I really think that she wouldn’t be a good match for him now if Leona and Clemencia hadn’t paved the way. They’re too extremes on opposite ends. By comparison Tamsin looks pretty good to Elyan. And he is likely to be more easy going with any woman who isn’t as extreme as the first two.

    I still think he is going to find something missing. Leona and Elyan rather hated each other, but they had some fire too. I remember how Leona was mad that Bors wasn’t letting Elyan major in politics. After she left Elyan was missing some of the things about Leona that he previously despised. It reminds me of preteens that do dumb things like pull hair because they don’t know how to act when they like someone….and would be too embarassed to admit they do.

    I’m envious of that quilt on the wall in the last picture. Where did you get it?

    • He has indeed made some progress. I’m glad he at least realizes his sisters are smarties — it would be horrible for Elyan to think that they all got Bors’s brains. 😉

      Yeah, I think Elyan took Leona leaving much harder than he’s letting on. I think he always regarded Leona as his, and the fact that she left — that she went to pursue her own dreams without even consulting him, and especially since she violently negated the idea of marrying him early — hurt more than he wants to admit, even to himself. It ought to be interesting to see what happens if Leona comes back with Gino (or if she doesn’t come back with him, having decided that she’d like to have a lover in every port. 😉 ).

      Elyan and Leona did have a fire … but is it a fire to warm the house with? Or was it a fire that would burn the house down (or cause the ship to end up being used as a Viking funeral)? It might have gone over to the former, but I think that it spent a lot of time being the latter … it might be for the best that they appear to be, for all intents and purposes, done.

      Parsimonious is my best guess for the quilt.

      Thanks, Chicklet!

  6. Wow, it seems like Tamsin and Elyan could actually get together and work well together, maybe even improve Elyan’s outlook. And it means I’m able to keep shipping Leana with her friendly native 😉


  7. A course in wifely arts? *shakes head*

    Anyway, it looks like Elyan might have found his Goldilocks lady! She’s not too hot-tempered (Leona) and not too stupid (Lady Featherhead). Elyan is probably never going to be one of the finest men in Albion, but he’s certainly come a long way from trying to shoot orders at Leona. Tamsin could bring him a bit further, and, from what we’ve seen so far, she could also be a good addition to the household back in Albion. She has the right disposition to endure the tsunami of stupid (perhaps after an adjustment period) at the head of the table, and I think she could be good with Claire, too – engaging but not taxing. Yes, I think I can ship this.

    Oh, and I loved that she’s a fan of Guinevere. It’s a sign of a fine mind. Snap her up, Elyan!

    • Rugs made one! Although I guess it’s technically the womanly arts, not the wifely ones.

      I like Tamsin as Goldilocks lady — especially since she’s dark-haired for an extra dose of irony. 😉

      It will be interesting to see how she reacts to Bors. She might be shocked and appalled … but she might also have some good advice (gasp!) for Elyan. Stranger things have happened! And I think Claire will like her, too. Plus, it ought to be interesting to see Tamsin fangirling over Guinevere. 😉

      Thanks, Winter!

      • Having just looked at all the medieval majors (which are all awesome!) I just love the fact that the last Senior semester is entitled ‘Scheming and Plotting: Become the Power Behind the Throne’. I wonder how Bors would react to that knowledge? 😉

        Emma 😀

        • Bors would be shocked and appalled. Then he’d say it would never work: no real man would ever be taken in by the opinions of his wife.

          Then he’d wonder why every woman in the room (and probably a bunch of them men) was laughing so hard. 😉

          Thanks, Emma!

  8. Albion is very forward thinking for the medieval world. To the rest of the medieval world Bors may not be so bad. He thinks going against the church is blasphemy. Speaking ill of the royal family is treasonous. A man is leader over his wife – in line with the Bible. A husband’s job is to lead and protect his family – also in line with the Bible. He wishes to acquire wealth through marriages and peasants, as a medieval nobleman is expected to do. He ranked high in the military, oh brave knight!

    By modern standards he is a pig. By medieval standards he is an up

  9. Sorry for the double post. WordPress was being obnoxious and not lettin me read the line I was trying to type. To continue…

    By medieval standards Bor is a fine knight who served the crown well. He has been very clueless about driving his wife mad. And as much as he drives me nuts because he seems so stupid…this is modern thinking again. For centuries this is a problem. Post partum depression is a modern concept. Earllier treatments of it could drive a woman insane. See the short story The Yellow Wallpaper, for free on the internet, just do a swsearch.

    Tamsin might not be horrified by Bors. She might just think, yeah men are like that. She might be more awestruck by the forward thinking of her neighbors.

    Almonzo Wilder ased Laura Ingalls if she thought women should be permited to vote. She was shoced. The idea of women voting was…unlady like. She was a very smart woman. She was even forward thinking and a little tom boyish for her time. It was just a matter of living in a different time period.

    • Those are all really good points. Tamsin, being raised more traditionally, would probably have more tolerance for Bors than, say, Leona. (At least she wouldn’t think of punching his lights out as a viable method of conflict resolution. Even if she’s never acted on the thought, I certainly can’t say the same for Leona.) But I would be cautious about comparing Albion too much to the actual medieval world. Maybe I’m bragging, but I think there are too many differences to make a 1-to-1 comparison truly accurate.

      But you can say all you want about the times, you’ll never convince me that Bors isn’t dumber than a box of rocks. 😉

      Thanks, Chicklet!

  10. I cannot deny that Bors is dumber than a box of rocks. I just think his stupidity would go less noticed outside Albion. He could be one of the guys, a supporter of the crown, a pious knight. He might be able to go decades without his stupidity being thrown into the light.

    In Albion his stupidity is glaringly obvious. His sexism makes him seem even more stupid.

  11. LOL. At first I was only looking at the picture when the page first opened and we see Tamsin for the first time and I seriously thought that it was Nicole Saquina. But then I thought “Wait a minute, what would she have to do with Elyan?” I guess, the dark long hair etc had me confused. LOL. But I actually think they could be a cute couple here. Tamsin has her own opinion (which is good if marrying into that family – she can hold her own without causing bruises etc) but she’s still kinda “sweet” about voicing it and apparently it has enough logic in it to make Elyan understand what she’s saying. And Elyan is already hoping for a next date? That ought to be interesting. 🙂

    • LOL! I need to get Tamsin and Nicole side-by-side and see if there is a lot of similarity in the facial features! But you’re right, they’ve both got the long dark hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. I may have to be re-doing Tamsin’s makeup (again) to minimize the resemblance, if there is a lot of one.

      … I hope there isn’t. Tamsin is an unedited (well, except for hair, clothes, etc.) dormie!

      I’ve already shot their … well, it’s not quite a date, but their next “encounter,” shall we say? (And it’s not that kind of encounter!) So that should be really interesting. Especially given what I have in store for the two of them at that meeting … 😈

      Thanks, Saquina!

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