Gaze into Your Crystal Balls …

And complete this meme! I saw this up at the Skelljay this evening and just couldn’t resist. 🙂

In a comment, tell me about events that are going to occur in the Chronicles of Albion. This can include what you actually know is going to happen, what you think is going to happen, theories about what could happen, and anything else that’s relevant to the topic.

I will not be replying to comments–this is going to be a reference point for what you all know. But feel free to turn the tables on me by posting this in your journal!

Edit: So apparently the people on LJ can screen their comments and only allow certain ones to show up to the general reader. If there’s a way to do that with WordPress, I can’t figure it out. So … if there is something I’ve told you is going to happen, please be nice and don’t say, “Well, you told me A, B, C”? Let everything appear as guesses. Thank you! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Gaze into Your Crystal Balls …

  1. What a neat idea! I will definitely share my speculations 🙂

    Hmm, let’s see… maybe I’ll just open the Citizens pages and go family by family:

    Part I — Royals and Nobles

    1. It won’t be long before Lynn starts thinking about having another baby, if she isn’t already. I have a feeling that if she doesn’t find her self-esteem soon, most of her children will grow up feeling neglected by her, particularly the girls–like she’s so preoccupied with her sons that don’t yet exist that she won’t pay enough attention to the children who do. This will wear heavily on Tommy too. Needless to say, I hope Morgan and Co. can get through to her soon–or, better yet, that she’ll have the epiphany on her own.

    2. I’m guessing Nicole will get pregnant soon.

    3. Given all his nice points, I can’t imagine it will sit well with young Lionel to see the way his father treats his mother and his sister. Being a twin, he may be close enough to Evette to stand up for her should Bors or Elyan try to bring her down, or at least comfort her afterwards. I have a feeling that as long as the twins stick together, they’re going to be okay. I hope that’s not just wishful thinking on my part.

    4. We’ll find out what happened to Will and Jess. Chances are that at least one of them will be compromised in some way (serious physical injury, mental trauma, etc.), but they’re both alive and they’ll be home soon-ish. They’ll probably return while Leona is on her voyage. Meanwhile, Leona’s get-go will inspire some thought in Elyan–not enough to pull his head all the way out of his ass, just how deep Bors shoved it up there, but enough to wonder about the reasoning behind Bors’s world order and maybe enough to take charge of his own major.

    5. Clarice and Freddy’s kids are going to be freaking gorgeous. I hope that some day, Bors gets something serious but curable, and his only choice is to swallow his pride and go to Clarice.

    6. Delyth’s relationship with George won’t last much longer. He’ll probably find himself in an “Oh my God, you are the one!” moment with Ravenna. He’ll want to be a gentleman and break it to Delyth himself, but it may get back to her via someone else. Meanwhile, hey, Lamorak and Garnet will be getting married soon. I hope Accolon gets to walk her down the aisle instead of Mordred.

    7. Babette will get pregnant again, probably before Aglovale graduates. The seeds of resentment between the two of them will germinate.

    8. Through his refusal to admit his own mistakes as well as his mother’s, Mordred’s life will get even worse in all aspects. His involvement in the Glasonland shenanigans will eventually get out, probably through some oversight as a result of his slipping sanity. Aglovale will probably have to go live with Dindrane–or, for the sheer drama steak, with Garnet.

    9. Dindrane’s divorce will go through. Her kids will see less and less of Mordred and will resent him, especially now that Nimue has some sense of how he is with her versus how he is with Melehan and Melou. Dindrane and Margery will eventually admit their feelings for one another.

    10. Pascal and Chloe are in for a rough time once they get to be school-aged. Morgan and Accolon will do everything they can for them, but their peers won’t be willing to let up.

  2. Part II — Merchants

    1. The Captain’s relationship with Blanche will progress, and all of Cherry’s Camford professors will be instantly reminded of Galahad. Also, I totally ship Jack with Billy.

    2. If Grady and Toinette have another baby, it won’t be without conflict, especially if it’s a girl. Grady may, completely unintentionally, treat her as a substitute Aileen, which won’t sit well with Toinette. Katie’s hi-jinx will grow a bit more serious as she hits the teen stage. I think Nora’s tougher than she seems, and with all those rowdy siblings, it’s only a matter of time before she’s pushed to a snapping point.

    3. Blanche will continue to see the Captain, much to Pamela’s chagrin. If they get married, he’ll have to move into her place because of the space issues, although his grandkids won’t be happy about that. Pamela will be much happier about Cressida’s relationship with Josh, which I will detail when I get to his family.

    4. Things will get so bad for Mordred that they will leak into his relationship with his escape family. He might do something that scares one of the kids. Rosette will become concerned for his well-being, but as always, he’ll dismiss her concerns. I feel like one of the twins will eventually find out that Nimue is their sister (I hope it’s Melehan, because he’d probably handle it better).

    5. For some reason, I feel like something really bad will happen to one of Chris and Sandra’s kids 😯

    6. Reminded once again how short life is, Josh will ask Cressida to marry him and she will accept. Meanwhile, Mark will knock up Wei Li again–and this time, he might find out about it.

    7. It won’t be long before Rob and Dannie are preggers again. They’ll try to wait, but that won’t happen.

    8. George and Ravenna will become aware of the tension between them. They’ll have a bit more back-and-forth at the academy, but things will get serious when they’re at Camford. Good thing Morgan will probably have the sense to send Ravenna with some herbs.

  3. Part III — Peasants

    1. Leah will eventually come into conflict with one of her siblings over her maternity. She may feel that Joyce loves the others more because they’re actually hers; meanwhile, her siblings may feel that Joyce loves Leah more because she isn’t obliged to, but does anyway.

    2. I feel like Edmond will reach an improbably old age. He might even see a few grandkids get married.

    3. Simon will fully give up the Mirelle dream in favor of Roma. That said, he’ll still be going about his criminal ways.

    4. Ella’s baby will be a boy, and he’ll be named for poor Grandpa Martin.

    5. Neil will pay off his family’s indenture within the next few rounds.

    6. Through his friendship with Basil, Wulf will eventually meet Meg. That won’t go well.

    7. Sadly, I feel like Billy will be alone in that house before he ages up 😦

  4. Part IV — Others

    1. Tuck and Andy will come to verbal blows, and soon. Hopefully Hugh’s around to keep things from getting too out of hand.

    2. Galahad’s going to seriously question whether or not the life of a parish priest is for him.

    3. At least a few of the older orphans are bound to wonder what else is out there. Angelique will ditch the order shortly after she graduates, perhaps driven to the point where she honestly doesn’t care whether she makes it or not.

    4. Margery will be torn between her responsibilities and her love for Dindrane.

    5. Thorn may or may not have some memories of being dead.

    6. Mirelle will have another encounter with her fae brethren. Wei Li will get knocked up again and that may cause a conflict of interest between her and Mark.

    I’m probably way off the mark with a lot of my predictions–but it was fun sharing and I can’t wait to see what other people are thinking. Also, sorry for spamming your blog with this novel 😯

  5. Well, Morgaine might not be answering this thread, Van, but I do happen to know some of the plot arcs and you have hit a surprising chunk of them. (Of course, it’d take all the fun out of reading, so I won’t tell you which ones or how many, but it’s more than one and less than all.)

    My predictions/hopes (Please take these predictions with a grain or five of salt, most of them are my personal hopes, not inside knowledge, and have little to nothing to do with what is or isn’t going to happen. They’re not meant to be canon.):

    – Mordred will decide he’s tired being an angst Oedipal jackass, and will run away to Twikki with Francis, leaving the throne open for someone who is aware of the difference between his ass and his elbow other than by sheer coincidence. The lovebirds will spend their afternoons taking long, long walks on the beach and staring adoringly into each other’s eyes.

    – Back home, with those two twits out of the way, Rosette meets an awesome, handsome, not angst-y, not Oedipal not a jackass merchant who doesn’t mind that she’s got kids and she will be happy.

    – Dindrane will get that divorce and no one will blame her cause her exhusband ran off to Twikki with a complete moron of his same gender. She and Margery will have some total angst, Margery will leave the church and they’ll live together in some sort of happy sin.

    – Bors will die some sort of horrible, truly embarrassing death that could have been prevented after he’s been rejected by all of his kids. His poor in-laws will be stuck trying to pick up the pieces of their spouses. (Which is so just like Bors.) But Claire, with the support of Morgan and Alison, will raise Lionel and Evette to be awesome and no one will miss Bors, not even Elyan.

    – Tommy will be an awesome crown prince and father and Lynn, after she deals with her father’s death, will come to terms with the fact that even if a broken clock is right twice a day, you shouldn’t try and tell time by it. With that understanding she’ll be able to banish all Bors from her head and not spend so much time worrying about babies, babies, and more babies (especially of the boy variety.)

    – The demigoddess will somehow reveal herself and the church will fall all to pieces and be no more. So we won’t need Tuck to take over or Angelique to need to become his foil.

    – Galahad will get into some sort of trouble with a) Angelique, B) Andy, C) Mother Julian, D) the fae, or E) all of the above. His friendship with Freddy will somehow come to his rescue and Elyan can put that in his boot and sniff it.

    – George and Ravenna will get into lots of happy trouble.

    I think that’s all for now, maybe I’ll do more later.

  6. I only have a couple of theories:

    Mordred will either follow in his mother’s footsteps right to the ax (probably due to his traitorous actions in Glasonland and his involvement in the assassination attempts on the king and the Tarquinii brothers), which will leave Rosette and their children without any form of protection. They may move back in with her family, but I don’t know how likely that is. Or he’s going to do something around Rosette or her kids that will scare him back onto the narrow path. Maybe he snaps at one of the kids and whips his wand out to hex them (causing a very Harry Potter-esque moment when Rosette throws herself in front of him) or he backhands Rosette herself, causing her to realize that maybe everyone was right about him. She then cuts off their relationship and takes the kids away. Mordred then dies a lonely and broke man. Either way, I don’t see him surviving much past Garnet’s wedding.

    Lynn will continue to worry about having more children, but her concerns will take up fewer and fewer of her thoughts. She will think herself almost cured after seeing her oldest two playing together (probably rough-housing and not acting at all royal), until she has a run in with her father. Bors will get on her case for not providing enough heirs and spares (maybe throwing in a comment about having another girl or two so that “we have a few extra to make alliances along the way”). Lynn snaps and tells Bors that she loves all of her children equally and she wishes that Bors had done the same for her and her siblings, and that she is ashamed to be related to him. Bors sputters and swears as Tom steps into the room to see what the commotion is. Lynn tells Bors to get out, Bors says she can’t do that, Tom lends a helping hand to the back of Bors’ shirt. Life will improve for the royal couple and their children thereafter, and Lynn will probably make a funny comment about wanting to take a break from childbearing for a while.

    I have absolutely no theories about Jess and Will. I hope they’re ok and that they’ll come back to Albion soon!

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