Character Meme!

Grabbed from Van:

Give me one of the characters from my story and I will tell you:

* How I feel about this character
* All the people I ship romantically with this character
* My non-romantic OTP for this character
* My unpopular opinion about this character
* One thing that will happen to this character in the future of my story.

I tag everyone who reads this! Let the commenting begin! 😉


22 thoughts on “Character Meme!

  1. I couldn’t think of anyone for about a minute or so. Too many favourites lol.

    I think I’ll go with Dindrane.

    • I’ll just do all three of these guys (er … gals, as it would so happen) in one comment, to save space/make it not look weird. (Notice, Bleudragon, that I too cannot choose between Dilys and Delyth!)

      *Dindrane is a character that worries me. I’m always afraid I’m not doing her justice. I know in the beginning that people didn’t like her much, so I hope as time goes on, my writing will get better and people will understand her more. 🙂
      *Sister Margery. Mordred may be her husband but I so do not ship them.
      *Hmm … the problem with Dindrane is that she tends to isolate herself, so she doesn’t have a lot of friends/comrades to make an OTP. I might have to go with her father. They’re mostly on the same wavelength, and I think Pellinore understands her the best out of any person.
      *I don’t think Dindrane’s moral compass always points due north. There are some circumstances in which I could see her being quite amoral.
      *She will have to use her bone phone at least one more time in the course of her life.

      *Dilys is my attempt to make a Romance Sim who is a genuine romantic, i.e., not someone who is all woohoo, all the time. She surprises a bit with how shy and gentle she is.
      *Kay, 100%.
      *I think it would have to be Delyth. I need to show those two being close, like you’d imagine twin sisters would be.
      *I worry that she’s a bit too similar to Lynn.
      *At some point, she will have to be strong enough to stand completely on her own.

      *Delyth surprises me with her spunk! It’s a brave woman who will face Mordred head-on. Even Dindrane doesn’t do that!
      *… Nobody at the moment. At least, no character I’ve created or introduced into the story. Yes, I am aware that this is a problem.
      *Dilys. Convenient with twins, isn’t it?
      *She’s at a crossroads in my head. I have one future planned out for her (mostly for demographic purposes), but I think she wants to go down another path.
      *As things stand now in my planning, she might have issues with her fertility (though I’m not telling you what those issues could be! There’s more than one way to have fertility issues, after all. A kid a year can certainly be an issue … actually a lot of “issue” in the legal sense of the term …).

    • Ravenna it is!

      *Ravenna is a lot of fun to write. She’s so darn cute even when she’s trying to be cool. I think, too, that’s she benefited a lot from being a cherished only child, even if the circumstances of her conception and birth were hardly ordinary.
      *George-porgie, although he would die if she ever learned that nickname.
      *Garnet. Those two are very close. It’s a pity they’re not going to be in college together.
      *I think Ravenna and Dilys really need to befriend each other. They could help each other through each other’s insecurities in a way that nobody else could, I think.
      *She will have some kind of dealing with the fae.

    • Absolutely you could do two!


      *Simon is a scumbag, really, he is! But I can’t help but love him. *sigh* Why must he be so charming?
      *Roma’s the strongest shipping. He wants Mirelle, but I have a hard time seeing them work as any kind of couple. It’s all sex on his side and money on hers. She’d walk all over him.
      *He and Berach were awfully close when they were younger, but they’ve grown apart now. Clarence is dead and he was never really “paired” with him — they were both trying to take advantage of each other. Simon, like Dindrane, does tend to isolate himself (albeit for very, very different reasons).
      *Simon was supposed to be a very incompetent thief. Then he surprised me with his scheme to rob the tax wagon. That could have gone wrong in a 100 different ways, but he carried it through.
      *At some point, he and his brother-in-law Billy are going to get into it. I won’t tell you how or why, though. 😉

      *Ah, Heloise. She amuses me, although sometimes in more of a “laughing at her” than “laughing with her” way. Really, though, her posts with Babette are some of my favorite to write.
      *Professor Baxter. 😉
      *She’s too stuck-up for her own good, and in some ways, just as shallow as Babette.
      *She will have at least one child. And not (necessarily) by the fae, either!

  2. Is it sad that I have several word docs trying to figure out who may end up with who? There are so many I want confirming! 😛 But if I only have one (or two, most people seem to be going with that ;)) Then I’ll go with…

    1) Babette (so far we’ve only seen a really shallow side to her, but I want to know how she sees Josh and what you think, particularly, about her future because if she doesn’t end up with Aglovale then who? And who will he go with…)


    2) Cressida. Mainly because she’s new so we haven’t seen much of her, and I really like her and little Ned.

    Excited for these replies! 😀

    Emma x

    • LOL, Emma!! I’m flattered! But mostly curious. At some point, please share some of your musings!

      *Part of the reason why she comes off as such a brat in this point in the story is that she is a brat. Truth in advertising, folks.
      *Aglovale. At the moment, she’s so completely focused on him that I don’t know what I would have to do to get her to notice someone else.
      *Hmm … she must have a whole troop of giggling girlfriends to whom she brags about her conquests (Aglovale), but I have a hard time seeing her be really close with other people. She might think she is, but not really. She’s very self-centered. In some ways I think she’s like Lydia in Pride and Prejudice. Lydia has Kitty to back her up a lot of the time, but at the end of the day, it’s all about Lydia. She’s very self-centered.
      *She surprises me with her fierce protectiveness. Like with Josh. I guess once you’re in in Babette’s circle, you’re really, really in. (Another reason why I think she was so protective of Josh was because nobody else seemed to be.)
      *At some point in her life, she will seem to have everything she’s ever wanted. Then she’ll find out that it’s not what she really wanted after all.

      *Cressida is a brand-spankin’ new character. I am still feeling why way with her. So filling this out is going to be hard!
      *Edward Tabard, Sr. … and Josh. 😉 Shh, don’t tell!
      *Let me see her interacting with more people before I figure out a non-romantic OTP for her.
      *I expected her to be a lot sillier and shallower than she ended up being.
      *Cressida will marry again, though as to who she will marry … well, I won’t tell. 😉 Er, at least not before she gets engaged.

      • Oooh 🙂 I did kind of guess about Cressida and Joshua, but I was hoping for him to remarry Blanche if only so that her romantic life wasn’t ‘over’ before she’s even thirty. 😦 But I like Cressida and Joshua too 🙂

        I put Ravenna with George as well, because they’re very cute together even at fourteen. 😀 Other pairings I hope for/guessed at who aren’t in love or married:

        – Lucas/Ella – so very cute again! xD
        – Aglovale/Babette – it just seems that, even if he wants to move on, there’s no one else for him to marry! And it’s not as if he’s the heir, and his mum seems a sucker for love tales, so I thought that his parents would agree… especially as Babette does have ‘noble blood’, it’s just it’s illegitamete 😉
        – Elyan/Leona – not one I want or think will be good for either of them, but one I see as inevitable really. Unless Leona could marry Aglovale? But he’s kind of the same type almost, so I can’t see that working unless she were forced into it again, which her parents are not gonna do…

        Erm.. that leaves Delyth, Blanche and Heloise, although you seem to say Heloise will come up with her own answer to this problem, and I suppose in medieval terms Blanche is around half-way through her life, so she’s less likely to marry again. 😦

        Just some random rambling thoughts there hehe 🙂

        Emma x

        • Eh, I’d be careful of writing anybody off romantically because there “isn’t anyone for them to marry.” I have a metric *bleep*ton of townies that I need to do something about. And since most of them were generated with non-Maxis templates, they’re not fugly! It’s a win-win for everybody.

          Eh … I don’t like the sound of Leona and Aglovale much more than I like the sound of Leona and Elyan (at least from a “let’s make everybody happy” perspective). Aglovale isn’t as much of a jerk about gender roles as Elyan is, but … that’s about the only thing he has over Elyan. I doubt he’d be that much more supportive of Leona’s ambitions to be a sea captain or admiral. Even Aglovale’s parents would be shocked, I think.

          As for Blanche and Josh … I really did consider it deeply. But I’m just not seeing it. They’re both at very different places in their lives, believe it or not. I need to have a chapter from Blanche’s head, but in some ways, I don’t think she’d mind having her romantic life be over at 30. Her first marriage wasn’t terribly romantic, and she’d be frightened to get married again because she’d be afraid her husband would try to take her shop away from her children. (There’s also the Sim-logistics reason of not wanting to marry those two off. Blanche’s shop is a home business. If she moves out and takes the kids, who’s going to keep the shop? … Well, I guess Cressida and Ned could …) Whereas I don’t think Josh wants to be done with love yet, or he won’t once he’s had a bit more time. It would take a very special guy to coax Blanche out of her funk, and … specially as Josh is, I don’t think he’s that special guy for Blanche.

          Thanks, Emma! 😀

    • I thought Morgause might end up on here. 😈

      *She’s just so, so good at being bad. Unfortunately, since her days as being a villain are numbered … I need to find a new villain.
      *Lamorak is actually perfectly suited to her purposes — young, malleable, physically appealing, not necessarily all that much going on upstairs. But in a crack world, I also like to ship her with Bors. 😈
      *Mordred, hands down.
      *I wish I could have given her some redeeming characteristics. She doesn’t even have her own love for her children to redeem her (even Bors loves his kids, in his way!). There’s something twisted at the heart of her affection for both of her sons, and then there’s Garnet …
      *She will put on a good show at her trial.

    • One Milo, coming right up!

      *He’s surprised me a little. He started off life as just a random townie. And then he grew this backstory, and this history, and this very, very distinct and careful way of looking at the world. I was a little surprised at the depth of his feelings for his old betrothed Erica, for instance. I can’t wait to watch Milo grow more. 🙂
      *Nicole all the way!
      *You know, now that he’s in Albion for good (or as good as it’s going to get), I want to put him together more with Rob. I think those two might get along very well.
      *The more I think about it, the less idea I have why he hung out with Lamorak. Maybe Lamorak’s a good drinking buddy?
      *Milo is going to have to choose between self-advancement and personal honor.

  3. I’m gonna make you work for mine. *giggles* Lukas. 😛 (Although I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that kinda wants to know some of this for Accolon. I mean obviously we know who his ship is.)

    • You are mean. But I am nice, so I will do them both. 😛

      *He’s a good kid, responsible, competent, nice, even if he does have some teenager-y moments.
      *Just Ella so far.
      *I think he and his brother-in-law Berach would get along very, very well.
      *He’s got a bit of a wild side (Romance secondary aspiration) that’s just waiting to come out.
      *His young adulthood will have a fair amount of tragedy in it. (Er … by “young adulthood,” I don’t mean that he’s going to college or anything, just the first few years of his adulthood.)

      *Best. Zombie. EVAR!!1!!!eleventy!!! And I’m not just saying that because he’s the only zombie I’ve ever had.
      *Morgan, of course. He and his first wife Esme weren’t really suited and would have been miserable eventually.
      *He and Jeremiah were really tight back in the day. (You know, when both were conventionally alive.) I think I need to do a supernatural meet-and-greet. Accolon and Ash would get along well, I think.
      *His character would not exist as it now does without the example of Don the Zombie.
      *At some point, Accolon will (attempt to) chew out the fae.

  4. Can I get another one? Please? If yes, then I choose Brother Andy – If more is okay, I’d like Angelique too..? 🙂

    • Yes, you can have some more. And I won’t throw you out of the workhouse for it, either. 😉

      Brother Andy
      *I was very lucky with this Sim. I picked him as a placeholder for the monastery Uni lot, and hey presto! He’s a knowledge Sim, so he won’t mind being a monk. Other than that … he’s only appeared in one post, so I haven’t done a lot of characterization with him yet.
      *Haven’t shipped him with anybody yet, he’s a monk! I’m waiting until a) I get a post from his POV and b) he gets moved into Albion.
      *Again, I’m waiting until he gets into Albion and I can see how he gets along with some of the other monks … not to mention the rest of the population.
      *He was the catalyst for me figuring out a lot of lore with the Order of St. Pascal, at least some of which ought to come out in his first POV post.
      *He’s going to be sent to Albion by the higher-ups for the Order of St. Pascal. Beyond that, I haven’t decided much for his future.

      *Angelique’s an interesting character. On the one hand, she’s got the makings of a full-on brat. On the other hand, she’s be forced down a life path that she’s not at all suited for. This makes her very challenging to write, but I like that challenge.
      *Galahad! And unsuspecting shop boys from whom she wants something.
      *I think it would have to be her mother. The two of them really get each other because of their shared musical affinity. Also, Claire worries about Angelique the most out of her children.
      *She’s more capable of self-sacrifice than she lets on.
      *One way or another, Angelique will earn the title of “Mother.”

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