New LTWs!

Those of you who are regulars at Plumb Bob Keep might have noticed the thread I started about Medieval LTWs. Those of you who know me will not be at all surprised to find out that I started it with an ulterior motive. 😈 That’s right — the Sims of Albion are getting new LTWs!

… Well, some of them are, anyway. Find out who and why if you dare to

Why only some?

I kind of like the sadorandomness of LTWs. For some Sims — like Dilys and Leona — they can give me a whole new direction to take in storytelling. Of course, with other people, they’re boring and/or nonsensical from a storytelling perspective. There’s no logical reason why Mother Julian ought to have been a City Planner in-story. She’s in charge of the nunnery and orphanage — why would she be doing city planning?

Furthermore, I’m not planning on changing teens’ LTWs until they hit adult or YA (except for a few that I’ll name as I get to them). Why? Because, well, they’re teens. I think even in Ye Olden Days a 12-year-old might not know exactly what it is he or she wants out of life. They’re old enough to be pushed and prodded into their adult roles, sure, but maybe not to set goals they want to achieve for themselves and not anybody else. And of course, my greedy reason for wanting to leave the LTWs of teens alone is so that I can let the game pick for me and maybe get some seredipitous bolts of inspiration. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before.

So what’s the criteria for these new LTWs?

Basically, I’m looking at each Sim and asking myself, “What would it take for this person, assuming they reached a ripe old age, to die content?” (They might not reach a ripe old age, of course. I’ve recently instituted random death dates. Er … have I mentioned that before?) That being said, a lot of them will be very individualized and may only relate tangentially to their aspirations, and/or might pick up their secondary aspirations. I’ll explain all of these as I go.

Also, of course, the LTWs have to sound medieval. Because, you know, this is supposed to be a pseudo-medieval blog.

Enough blather. I’m going to start at the top and work my way down and see how far I get, which would be to the end of the Merchants, it seems. There are probably going to be lots of places with question marks — if you have any ideas, please, please, for the love of platinum plumbbobs, let me know in the comments!

Royal Family

King Arthur Pendragon (Popularity): Become Successful King. Honestly, I think if lightning struck him tomorrow, this would work for being permaplat. He’s made it to the top of the Politics career, has an heir and a spare, Albion hasn’t been swallowed by Glasonland or Reme, his in-game Best Friend list is as long as my leg … yeah, he’s good.

Queen Alison Pendragon (Family): Graduate 3 Children from College. I think she’s a bit of a closet Knowledge Sim. Oh, and she’s two-thirds of the way there already. 😉

Crown Prince Thomas Pendragon (Popularity): Make 10 Strategic Alliances. Now, “Strategic Alliance” is going to mean something a little different for every Sim who gets this LTW, but in general, it means a social connection that will somehow further this Sim or their family. The connection is established through either marriage (of the Sim or his/her children) or being best friends with someone. Here’s the strategic alliances Tommy has so far:

  • Any Best Friendships he has with noble Heads of Houses. I won’t count Bors, though, because in-story Tommy would never be best buds with Bors. Anyway, being best friends with noble Heads of Houses is strategic because this ensures he’ll be accepted and liked when Arthur dies.
  • Lamorak, since he’s heir to the Gwynedds and his support will be important for Tommy. Also, I’m counting it as strategic because he didn’t make best friends with Lamorak when he was too little to be thinking in that direction, like he did with Will.
  • Freddy (already Best Friends) — not only does he want to be an engineer, he’s the heir to the Ferreira shipping fortune. Considering Albion has two great coasts but not a lot of land and not a big enough army to make wealth by way of plunder … being on good terms with Freddy seems like it might be good for tax revenues and power in general.
  • Leona, assuming he makes Best Friends with her and cultivates her talents properly.
  • Milo. We’ve already seen how this has paid dividends for Tommy. 😉

Crown Princess Gwendolyn Pendragon (Family): Secure Family Line. This means either an heir and a spare both make it to teen, or she lives to see her eldest son have a son. I really don’t think Lynn could die content if she didn’t provide this. Bors has warped her pretty good.

Prince Kay Pendragon (Popularity): Um … not sure? I know what his career is going to be, but I don’t know if that’s his Goal in Life for right now. If anybody has any ideas, I’d be glad to hear them!

Ambrosius Emrys: Minister of Education (achieved). I think I’ll keep that. Robots don’t get old, so if they die, they don’t get a platinum grave anyway.

The Nobles

Bors de Ganis (Family): Secure Family Line. This means the same thing for him that it does for Lynn. Yes, I know how sad and messed up that is.

Claire de Ganis (Family): Graduate 3 Children from College. For her, this isn’t so much about being a closet Knowledge Sim as about giving her daughters a fighting chance. She’s got six kids, 4 of them are girls and she doesn’t want any more. (Also, she wouldn’t be betting on surviving to see Lionel, Evette and any younger kids graduate from college. She’s forty already.) If she sees three of her kids get out of college before she dies, then logically, this means that at least some of her daughters must have gotten the education she never got. Maybe they’ll be independent and clever enough to get what they want out of life, and not what their father and/or future husband wants, which is more than Claire got.

Clarice de Ganis (Family): Become Chief of Staff. I think that’s fairly self-explanatory. 😉

Elyan de Ganis (Fortune): Stabilize Family Fortune. Even if Elyan hasn’t realized this yet, I’ve made an executive decision — this is what he wants. For him, I think this will mean that he has to amass at least $150,000 in the family treasury and keep it there for a week, meaning past tax day. He can keep trying until he succeeds. Then the de Ganises might be on more secure financial footing.

Lancelot du Lac (Popularity): Become Hall of Famer (achieved). He’s the best knight Arthur has (still!) and the king’s best friend. He’s disgustingly happy with his wife, has three great kids, his eldest son is married and looking to succeed … what more can he really ask out of life?

Guinevere du Lac (Popularity): Become Media Magnate (achieved). No change for her earlier. She’s a well-known, acclaimed writer of romances, best buds with the Queen, and everything that I said for Lance applies to her too. I think she’s a happy lady.

William du Lac (Family): Reach Golden Anniversary (with Jess). Will’s a bit of a romantic at heart. If he can build a successful life with Jessie, I think he’ll be a very, very happy man. Which isn’t to say that he doesn’t have career ambitions and such, but I think his family will always come first.

Princess Jessica du Lac (Knowledge): Become Wizard. I.e., reach the top of this career. I think that will be a nice in-game measurement of how her identity is not getting entirely subsumed in her husband’s. Also, in-story, she can be working to help Arthur, Tommy and the kingdom in various magical ways.

Leona du Lac (Fortune): Become Hand of Poseidon. We all know that she wants to go to sea and become an admiral. We’ll see if she can do it. 😀

Galahad du Lac (Knowledge): Write Five Acclaimed Works of Scholarship. In-game, he’s going to need to write five bestselling novels in between working in the Education career track, helping to raise orphans, helping to run the cathedral lot, etc. In-story, he’s going to do all this, and avoid being convicted of heresy. Good luck, Galahad!

Benoic du Lac (Popularity): Um … I’m going to leave him as Celebrity Chef for now. Even if I did download Edukashun Iz Gud. He’s a robot, he’s immortal, he might do it.

Pellinore Gwynedd (Knowledge): Max 7 Skills (achieved). I’m leaving this alone because he’s a successful Chief Magistrate, he’s raised five (mostly) great kids, and he’s actually maxed seven skills. He can die happy! 😉

Eilwen Gwynedd (Family): Have Six Known Grandchildren. This is basically the same LTW she has now, except I’m introducing a caveat — she has to know that the grandkids are her grandkids. So Agravaine and Tor don’t count; only Nimue and Gawaine do. Of course, if Eilwen finds out about Agravaine or Tor, then they would count as well.

Lamorak Gwynedd (Popularity): Have 20 Best Friends. The main reason why I’m not changing it is because Lamorak strikes me as being a relatively unambitious guy. He’s not interested in rising too far above where he already is (he’s the heir of one of the most powerful houses in Albion, how much higher can he go without committing treason?). I think he’d be a happy guy if he could look back on his life and realize, “Hey, I had an awesome time” — assuming, of course, he doesn’t screw up his family or his social standing too much. Which I guess is the difference between a Popularity Sim and a Pleasure Sim.

Aglovale Gwynedd (Fortune): Gain an Estate. What I plan on doing for this is building an apartment lot with a manor house and some peasant cottages. When Aglovale can afford to buy it using Inge’s Lot Ownership system, he gets his estate and he gets his permaplatness. Oh, and I’ll have to figure out a way to toss him a peasant family somehow. I can work out the logistics later! 😉

Morgause Orkney (Romance): Weather All Scandals. In other words, do what she wants, with whomever she wants, and still be able to come out on top. And Morgause has a lot of people on that list.

Mordred Orkney (Fortune): Become a Grand Seigneur. By this, I mean that Mordred wants to become one of the most powerful and influential noblemen in the kingdom. I think in order to do this, he’s going to have to build up a tidy fortune (perhaps $400K — and keep it for a week, just like Elyan), become Best Friends with key people (head of all noble houses, maybe; the King, and the Abbot) and keep his personal life and his family’s personal lives from blowing up in his face. Good luck, Mordred!

Dindrane Orkney (Knowledge): Find the Forbidden Fruit … and Eat It. In other words, continue her researches with both the cowplant and the bone phone. I think she could be a happy woman if she managed to somehow contribute to the world’s knowledge of these two fascinating subjects. I think she’s going to have to write a novel somewhere in there too — and it should probably be a bestseller.

Garnet Orkney (Popularity): Don’t really know yet. Honestly, I don’t think Garnet knows yet. I think she needs to do a little more growing up before she figures out who she wants to be and what she wants to do with her life.

Morgan le Fay (Knowledge): Become Minister of Education (achieved). I think she’s a fairly happy lady. If she were to die, her main regrets would be not seeing Ravenna grow up, and leaving Accolon alone — which basically come with the territory of dying young(ish).

Accolon le Fay (Family): See Ravenna Safely Settled. This means either married to someone who can provide for her, or in the church. If he was just starting out, I’d attach a number to that LTW instead of just Ravenna’s name. But since Accolon is sterile and the idea of adopting Father Hugh’s alien baby is still very much up in the air, I think I’ll keep his goal realistic for now.

The Merchants

Pamela Chausseur (Popularity): Make 5 Strategic Alliances. I think she’d need to make Best Friends with a few of Albion’s important merchants/nobles (her relatives, i.e. Richard, Bianca, Maude, Dannie, Freddy, don’t count) … maybe see if she can marry Blanche or Cressida off well. The number is relatively low because, well, she’s 46. She doesn’t exactly have forever to be doing this.

Blanche Chausseur (Family): Found Thriving Chausseurie (Hat, if you’re reading this, did I spell that right?). In other words, the family business has to reach Level 10. I think this would be important for Blanche because it would mean security for her and her kids, security that couldn’t be taken away from them.

Cressida Tabard (Romance): Um … I have no idea? 😳 Suggestions welcome!

Rosette Chevaux (Family): Graduate 3 Children from College. I think this works for Rosette for a number of reasons. 1) She’s got three kids. If they all graduate from college, this means that they’ve all made it to adulthood. 2) Her kids get the same advantages she was lucky enough to get. 3) There’s no way she can afford this on her own. If Melehan, Melou and Aimée all get into and out of Camford, this means that Mordred is still providing for her and for them financially, and is hopefully still together with her.

Maude Parkinson (Family): See 3 Children Safely Settled. Hmm … I think this has already happened … guess she’s just going to have to stay permaplat!

Richard Ferreira (Fortune): Become a Nobleman. Because it’s Richard.

Bianca Ferreira (Fortune): Five Top-Level Businesses (achieved). Because it’s FIVE. TOP. BUSINESSES. She’s going to die happy whether she wants to or not, dammit! 😉

Christopher Tower (Popularity): Make 10 Strategic Alliances. He’s only 26, he’s got time. Ten alliances ought to get the Towers well-established in Albion. Best-friending Arthur ought to be a good start, and extending that best-friendship to Tommy. (That, I think, should count as 1.) Pellinore would be next, followed by Will. After that … who knows?

Alexandra Tower (Fortune): Three Children Marry Well. “Safely Settled” means just married to somebody, anybody, or in the Church. “Marry Well” means being married to someone of your social class, but with a higher net worth, or into a higher social class. And three’s a good number, I think. She’s already got #2 on the way!

Mark Wesleyan (Fortune): Found Thriving Livery Stables. Check.

Helena Wesleyan (Romance): 20 Woohoos. Because, dude. 20 Woohoos.

Joshua Wesleyan (Fortune): Honestly? I don’t really know. I think now he just wants to feel better. But I’ve got a few career-ish related ideas. Found Albion’s first bank? (He’s already a Businsess Tycoon, which Hat I think is going to make into banking.) I’d also want to run an OFB-based business on that, though, and I’m still trying to figure out how I might do that. Or just some sort of business. Or else Found Albion’s First Guildhall … still thinking. Ideas and suggestions welcome!

Robert Wesleyan (Knowledge): Still working on him, too. I don’t think I want to keep Become City Planner, because I was planning on having him quit that and run a pottery/painting shop. … To hell with it, I might just make him become a Visionary. Leonardo da Vinci wasn’t exactly a nobleman, was he? Michelangelo? Any of those guys?

Danielle Wesleyan (Popularity): I’m half-tempted to have her found Albion’s first Guildhall. Or else do my fallback “Make 10 Strategic Alliances.” Because being sorority sisters with both future queen and current princess ought to count for something. What do you guys think?

Heloise Wesleyan (Knowledge): Become a Know-it-All. Seriously, Max 7 Skills plus the AL and Freetime Skills. Isn’t that so Heloise?

Merlin Emrys (Knowledge): Graduate 5 Magical School Students. He’s got two in right now! And he’s old, even if he’s not aging. Let’s see if he can turn out three more!

Naomi Emrys (Knowledge): Max 7 Skills (achieved). Because she started out as a townie, and I didn’t cheat to get her 90% of her skills. *whistles*

It’s 1:00 AM. Dunno about the rest of you, but I think that’s good for one night. Right? Right. 😉 Let me know if you have any comments/questions/inquiries as to my sanity!

Since you stuck around this long, have a funny pic:

Morgause when Lot died. Doesn’t Mordred’s expression just make the picture? “Yeah, like you’re sad …”


7 thoughts on “New LTWs!

  1. We didn’t see a whole lot of Cressida’s personality in her scene, but from what the others have said, I wouldn’t be surprised if her LTW has something to do with her son being safe and settled.

    That last picture is hilarious (and sad)! Mordred is definitely not buying his mother’s display.

    • We’ve barely seen any of Cressida, period, which I think is my problem. 🙂 I think I’m going to wait to come up with a new LTW for her. After all, she’s still fairly young. Right now, she might be thinking, “My life is over! I’ll only exist for my son!” but reality is going to intrude sooner or later.

      Yeah, I felt pretty bad when I killed Lot. Sim-Morgause actually likes Lot! They got along very well and spent a great deal of time doing ACR-inspired woohoo! *sigh* Oh well. The plot has needs.

      But I did think Mordred’s expression was … shall I say … priceless? 😉

  2. I love Mordreds look of total disbelieve at his mothers sadness! 🙂 I like the new LTW’s! Interesting to see how it’ll play out! 😀

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