More LTWs

Because I want to get this done and get back to the story! 😉

Ok, if you have no clue what I’m doing, I suggest you read this post. Conveniently, it’s the post right below the one you’re reading right now. If you already know what’s going on, click below to see what I’m cooking up for Peasants, Gypsies, Sims of the Church and Glasonlanders.

The Peasants

Finley Brogan (Pleasure): Finley’s a tough one. I don’t think he ever expected his life to turn out the way it did. He was a drifter, a rogue, a lazy layabout. And then he somehow got Lilé, and now … well, I don’t think he would have lived as long as he had if he didn’t have Lilé holding him and holding the family together. So I think his goal when he was younger would have been something like “Have as Much Fun as Possible.” But now? I don’t know. I really don’t know.

Lilé Brogan (Knowledge): See 3 Children Safely Settled. It’s a bit more of a Family want, but I think, at this point in her life, Lilé’s been beaten down. If she can get some sort of reasonable assurance that her children aren’t going to have the hard life she had, she’ll be happy. And look! She’s 2/3s of the way there, and Berach’s engaged!

Grady Brogan (Fortune): Become Merchant. I think that’s fairly clear from the story.

Toinette Brogan (Romance): … I need some Romance wants that don’t revolve around being completely promiscuous. And that are achievable for people who might never leave the country. I mean, Toinette is not going to be able to manage to get a Lover in Every Land!

Berach Brogan (Romance): Found Successful Tavern. “Successful” in this context means Level 5 or better. Since Celebrity Chef is an in-game LTW for Romancers, I figure this ought to count for Berach.

Edmond Chevaux (Knowledge): Become World Class Ballerina (achieved). I’m letting him keep this. He earned it.

Cerise Chevaux (Popularity): See All Children Married Well. I think, for her, “well” means “a Sim I approve of.” She’s definitely got them in the basket for Toinette, Pierre and Simon. It’s just Rosette who’s the sticking point.

Pierre Chevaux (Popularity): Have 20 Best Friends. I don’t think Pierre is much into trying to rise in the world. He’ll be happy to have lots of good buddies and to have a fun time in life, as long as he can keep providing for his family, of course.

Meg Chevaux (Knowledge): Become Well-Read. I think, for her, this will mean mastering all the book skills (Cleaning, Cooking, Mechanical) and getting all the FT/AL skills. Because that’s easier to keep track of than how many novels and of what types she’s read. 😉

Simon Chevaux (Pleasure): Afford a Mistress (and Avoid Getting Hanged). This is actually a pretty ambitious goal. He’s got to get enough cash that nobody will be too surprised that he can lay out $50,000 to make Mirelle his full-time mistress. And then he’s got to get $50,000. And he’s got to avoid anybody realizing just how he’s getting that cash, and getting in trouble with the law. Or his wife. Good luck, Simon!

Martin Pelles (Fortune): Earn $500 a Day. This is pretty good money for a peasant, I think, especially since Martin is an employee in somebody’s business and I have Pescado’s Relevant Wages in. He’s up to $400, so far, and he’s got gold badges in Cash Registering, Farming and Fishing, plus a bronze in Restocking. Can he make it to $500? I’ll have to see!

Betsy Pelles (Family): See 3 Children Safely Settled. She’s a consummate Family sim. And since Davy and Bert are so young, she’s not counting on living long enough to see them get married. Meg (check), Joyce (almost check) and Lukas are fair game, though.

Joyce Pelles (Fortune): Have Half of Children Married Well. For Joyce, I think “well” is going to mean same social class but higher net worth, or higher social class. This ought to be interesting. 🙂

Neil Porter (Knowledge): See All Supernaturals. (Thanks to Hat for thinking this one up on Plumb Bob Keep!) This means at some point, Neil’s going to have to see a half-fae, a zombie, a vampire, a Servo, a werewolf (and I don’t even have a werewolf yet! I need to get on that!), a Plantsim, a Bigfoot, a Genie, and a Witch. Phew. Should he get bonus points for having met the demigoddess? 😉

Ailís Porter (Knowledge): Master Housewifely Arts. This means maxed Cooking and Cleaning, gold badges in Sewing and Gardening, and having mastered Fire Safety, Parenting, and Couples’ Counseling.

Nicole Saquina (Family): I think I’ll keep her with Golden Anniversary. I think she’d really like to settle down and stay settled down. Calm and quiet, that’s what Nicole’s going for.

Erin Shepherd (Pleasure): Raise Wulf Well. Yeah, she likes to have her fun … but I think Erin has done a lot of growing and changing. I think if she can turn Wulf into a productive, happy citizen, she’ll be a happy Sim.

Kata Thatcher (Fortune): Become Chief of Staff (achieved). She’s the only midwife in town. She’s the wealthiest peasant in the kingdom. She’s got three great kids, and one of them is … well, already married in the game, gonna get married Real Soon in the story. Lancelot promised that he’ll take care of Ella and Billy if anything should happen to her. I think she’s managed to get a lot of peace in her life.

Roma Thatcher (Popularity): Found Successful Family Business. It will be food-related, because of her original Culinary LTW. Just not a tavern. Berach’s got that covered. Or a bakery, because Richard and Bianca have one of those. Butcher, maybe? I’ll give it a bit more thought. 🙂

The Gypsies

Ash Thatcher (Fortune): Three Children Marry Well. Since he’s on the lowest rung of the social ladder, that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Well … all of his kids have to live to a marriageable age first. And get married. And not turn “leafy,” because that could damage their marriage prospects. That could be a bit more difficult.

Lyndsay Thatcher (Fortune): See One Child into Merchant Class. This pretty much means that Lyndsay would have to save enough (with Ash’s help, of course) to ensure that either Ginny or Betony has a good enough dowry to attract a Merchant man (not too likely), or that Bran has enough money starting out that he can buy a house with room for a shop right off the bat. This should be a challenge. This should be fun!

Marigold Thatcher (Pleasure): Found Thriving Brothel (achieved). Yeah, I think I’m just going to give it to her. She’s earned it.

Tambu Livius (Romance): Have 5 Lovers in High Places. Tambu is not going to waste her time wishing she could climb back up to the status of a respectable woman. She wants to make her life as safe and as comfortable as possible. So 5 Lovers in High Places would mean Church, Nobility, Royalty or High-Ranking Merchant. Hmm … she’s already got Tuck and she’s got a child with Richard … who else, who else …

Wei Li Kwan (Pleasure): Become Courtesan. If Wei Li could really have her druthers, she’d get to go back home to Marsim, too, and have her family all alive and well and the Willow School still standing and welcome her back with open arms … but that’s not going to happen. So as it happens, she’ll be happy if she can get somebody who’s willing to set her up (i.e. provide $50,000 cash) in a nice place, with nice things and some financial security so she can work with a limited, more refined clientele.

Mirelle Peaseblossom (Romance): Rejoin Fae. Good luck with that one, Mirelle.

Sims of the Church

Father Hugh Monastery (Knowledge): Become Mad Scientist (achieved). Given the loop I’ve just thrown him for, I think the least I can do for him is let him stay permaplat.

Brother Tuck Monastery (Fortune): Become Abbot. I think this means he’s going to have to reach the top of the Priest career, and be Best Friends with all his fellow monks and Father Hugh when Father Hugh dies. Of course, this is only going to happen if he keeps the Order of St. Pascal in Albion from getting into major trouble with the higher-ups …

Mother Julian Nunnery (Knowledge): Keep Nunnery Secure. She’s very, very worried about Brother Tuck trying to roll the Nunnery under his wings. I think, in order to achieve this, she’s going to have to create and maintain good relationships (Best Friendships) with the Royal Family and at least 3 noble families.

Sister Margery Nunnery (Family): Raise 10 Godly Orphans. A “Godly” orphan is one that 1) makes it to adulthood, 2) doesn’t end up in the brothel or in prison and 3) maintains a Best Friendship with Sister Margery until the age of … let’s say, 21? By that point they ought to have a good start on life, no?

Brother Andy Archer (Knowledge): Make 3 Successful Pilgrimages. To have a successful pilgrimage, Brother Andy needs to go on a good vacation and make Best Friends with at least 2 of the locals. Bonus points for coming home with Bigfoot. This should be fun and interesting!

Sister Angelique de Ganis (Romance): … You know, I don’t think she knows what she wants yet. I know what it’s in store for her, but I won’t spill that in her LTW, because, well … that would be telling. 😉


King Vortigern of Glasonland (Fortune): Secure Family Line. This basically means he wants a grandson before he croaks.

Prince Vortimer of Glasonland (Grilled Cheese): Eat 200 Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. Because he’s a Cheeser!

Princess Viviette du Gaul (Family): Graduate 3 Children from College. Hey, she never went to college — and she’d kind of like some kids.

Lord Lucinius Tarquinius (Fortune): Secure Position. In other words, he’s got to keep Prince Vortimer from being killed/deposed, and himself from being assassinated or pushed out of power. This is going to be pretty much strictly dependent on the story.

Sir Septimus Tarquinius (Popularity): Have 20 Best Friends. I’m keeping this one, because I think it actually works very well. If he’s got 20 Best Friends, then that should mean that the Tarquinii have a lot of support and backing … which should keep them all alive.

Lord Antonius Tarquinius (Pleasure): Live Life of Luxury. In other words, keep his position with his brothers. Avoid ending up with his head on a pike on the city walls. You know. That sort of thing.

Phew! That should be everybody. If you’ve got questions/comments/concerns/ideas, please let me know in the comments! Especially if you’ve got ideas for female Romance Sims. Lord knows I’ve been scratching my head on that for over a week now!

Oh. And since you stuck around this long … have a fun vacation pic. What? You didn’t think Lynn and Tommy did anything on their vacation? 😉

Medieval Slap Dance. Fun, fun!


14 thoughts on “More LTWs

  1. Hmmm… maybe Roma could start a specialty foreign foods place? That would work well with Simon being a “smuggler” 😉

    Maybe a decent romance want that doesn’t require traveling or excessive promiscuity would be something like “Have X secret one-night stands” or “Have X affairs of the heart” or maybe even “No obvious bastards”? Or even just “Woohoo with spouse X times a week” if you’d like to keep the Sim monogamous?

    This is a fun idea. And these all definitely work better with your game/story than some of the ones that Maxis throws your way. Granted, a storyline about someone raising twenty puppies or kittens would be kind of cute. I suppose if no suitable young noblemen ever come to Albion, Delyth could always become the resident crazy cat lady 😆

    • Foreign take-out? (Essentially. I mean, she’d be making meals and sticking them out for sale, not so much having a sit-down restaurant. As far as I’m concerned, that falls under the heading of “tavern.” ;)) It has possibilities! Or else she could be selling foreign ingredients, like spices and stuff, assuming 1) Simon get get a hold of them and 2) I can get ahold of appropriate CC.

      No obvious basards! 😆 Hmm, I think Morgause has already reached that LTW — I mean, Agravaine’s parentage isn’t obvious unless you know what to look for. If you don’t, then he’s just a cute little kid with adorable big blue eyes.

      Andavri also mentioned the ideas of “find white knight” and “Have Romantic Getaway” as possible monogamous Romance LTWs. I think Cressida might get the “white knight” want — i.e., somebody who sweeps her off her feet and then treats her well throughout their mutual lives. Toinette’s probably going to want a romantic getaway. It gives her something to work for, a reason to slave all day so Grady can pull the family up by their bootstraps.

      LOL @ poor Delyth being the crazy cat lady! I think raise 20 puppies or kittens might actually be doable … if I devoted a Sim’s life to it, essentially. Maybe someday, if I have an extra Sim to be Keeper of the Royal Kennels, I’ll do it. 🙂

      • Ooooh, those wants do sound appropriate for both Cressida and Toinette (not that I claim to know either of them well). Curious to see what you’ll do with them 🙂

        And there are spices at the smithy! 😀 And I could live vicariously through you here, seeing as I don’t have OFB.

        Heheh… I’m still holding out hope for Delyth to meet some handsome young knight at Camford (either that or a son of Vortigern?). I mean, from the few glimpses of her we’ve had, she seems like she’d want a little something more out of life than the veil.

        Hmm… is there any single, moderately age-appropriate male in Albion at present? I’m drawing a blank right now. Maybe she could just shack up with Heloise or something XD

        (Yikes, first Mhalwae and now here. My matchmaking tendencies seem to get even more out of control with exams!)

        • There ARE spices at the Smithy! How did I not download those?? *grabs* Of course, they’re going to have to fall off the back of a wagon, so to speak, if Roma’s going to make any profit off of them (in-story if not in-game) … but they still should be fun to sell.

          Delyth and Heloise? Oh good God! I … that sounds actually rather terrifying. Delyth can be, or will be, very formidable when she puts her mind to it. Add that to Heloise and … watch out, Albion!

          And lol! Matchmake away! Remember how I kept tossing Raia at every guy available? 😉

  2. I like that idea about Roma 🙂 And I also love Simon’s LTW. Haha! Despite it not being at all fair on Roma, I actually want him to succeed for the sheer audacity of it 😀 😉

    Emma x

  3. Female Romance LTWs, hm…

    Well, I like the Find White Knight one. Romantic Getaway is also good, and it can be built up to X Romantic Getaways (or See the World with Significant Other– visit all three vacation destinations on romantic getaways) for the wealthy sorts. How about Find True Love? As in, meet, fall in love with and marry somebody with perfect three-bolt chemistry? Or Live Happily Ever After– fall in love, get engaged, get married, and never experience significant marital troubles (cheating, catching the spouse cheating, having a prostitute insist you or your spouse help with child care, falling out of love, fighting to the point of furiousness). Sure, it might not be possible for some Sims, but the game likes to hand out impossible LTWs anyway (CAS-made elder females with the want to graduate six children from college when you only gave them one offspring? Unfair).

    • See the World with Significant Other! I like that! I’ll have to note that down for the next time I get a wealthy female Romance Sim. Or wealthy male Romance sim. Hey, guys can be romantic — not just woohoo-crazed — too, right? 😉

      I also like both Find True Love and Live Happily Ever After for Dilys! (Because guess how many bolts she has with a certain prince? ;)) Live Happily Ever After might pose more of a challenge, though, so that might be a more fun LTW. Plus it fits more with Dilys’s fairy-tale outlook on life. (If Gwynn was a Romance Sim … she’d totally want to live happily ever after.)

      And speaking of impossible wants — 20 Lovers. 20 Puppies or Kittens. Ha, I say! Ha, ha, ha! 😉

      • I was totally thinking of Gwynn, honestly. *grins* (Gwynn needs to watch Labyrinth a few times, she really does.)

        I haven’t ever bred pets in Sims 2, so I don’t know how many offspring they tend to have at once, but… out in the real world, 20 puppies and/or kittens is, like… three-to-five average-sized litters. Twenty Lovers could be tricky if you’re just getting started in your kingdom, however!

        • Puppies and kittens come in batches of 1-4 in Sims 2. (Which makes sense, since you’re only supposed to be able to have six pets at a time.) So raising 20 puppies or kittens might mean … anywhere between five and twenty litters. *shudders*

          I think I’d rather do Twenty Lovers! 😉

    • Ooh, that’s also a good idea! 😀 Thanks Naomi!

      *giggles* Maybe if some of the Plumbbob Keep inns come up for download, I could download one of them and make Simon and Roma work towards the goal of purchasing it — that would be fun. 🙂

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