So, here’s the deal. My game has been experiencing crashing problems lately. I don’t think it’s CC-related — it tends to happen when it’s been left on (and particularly left alone) too long. Other than that, there’s no specific behavior or house it’s linked to which would enable me to do the 50-50 method and really check. I thought the video card or RAM had something to do with it, and was planning to update my computer over Christmas to get 64-Megabit Windows 7, in order to take advantage of all the RAM I actually had.

(Why Windows feels the need to make OSes that can only handle a certain amount of RAM, and why computer companies feel the need to make laptops with a certain amount of RAM and then pre-load the OS that can’t handle it is a rant worthy of another day.)

In other words, I thought I had the situation under control. Until I opened up my game today and found …


I seriously want to cry. If it was a more minor character, I could take it as a writing challenge — explain why they’re no longer around, make up a story, something. Hell, even just claiming that they died would work. But Bors? Bors? There are too many unresolved issues floating around that man. I can’t just kill him off. The writer in me refuses to allow it.

That being said, I do have some options for fixing this …

  1. I still have Bors’s Sim — so I could make a new Bors, add him to the household, fix his skills, his job, his relationships and such with the Sim Blender. His memories would be completely f’d-up, but such is life. I plan to reinstall The Sims when I get my computer upgraded anyway, so hopefully reinstalling would fix whatever problem led to him disappearing in the first place.
  2. Revert to the last backup in which Bors appears. Because of stress from my new job (and the fact that I had very little time to play anyway), this would mean reverting to a backup from … August. I do have a more recent backup (mid-November, and I haven’t played much since then), but Bors disappeared before I made it. This would mean a lot of replaying, but it might nip some of the corruption at the bud.
  3. Give up and cry.

Option #3 is looking the least appealing … but I’m hesitant about whether to pick option 1 or 2. I’m leaning toward Option 2, honestly. Maybe that might fix things …

*sigh* Any opinions? Stories of similar problems that you managed to conquer? Tissues? I’ll take anything.


5 thoughts on “ARGH!!!

  1. Yikes! 😯

    Sorry to hear about the problems with your game, Morgaine 😦

    Nothing like that has ever happened to me before, although Option 2 does sound like the best way to go (unless you’ve made any new Sims since then, but you could back them up with Sim PE and recreate them in CAS).

    Again, sorry to hear about that. I hope you can fix your game, but don’t feel any pressure–we’ll still be here whenever you can get Bors to cooperate.

  2. Why don’t you try to reset your computer via Restoration Point? It’s similar to back-up but should be generated more frequently by the pc. That’s how I saved my brother laptop yesterday and also my dad’s pc a couple of weeks ago…

  3. All the new Sims I’ve made are backed up via SimPe and Bodyshop, Van, so I don’t have to worry about that. 🙂 And no new Sim babies have been born since Bors disappeared, so there’s that as well.

    Saquina, that idea does sound intriguing … the only problem is that I do not know when Bors disappeared. I can only narrow it down to sometime between August and November. Beyond that, I just don’t know. Also, when I checked out the System Restore information, I noticed that it restores system settings while leaving files intact. I’m pretty sure that it’s the files that are giving me problems, not the system.

    But thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  4. Oh no! I’m so sorry for you, Morgaine!

    Nothing quite like this has ever happened to me, so I don’t have any real advice. My game does get borked on a frequent basis, but I never noticed any sims vanishing. And usually my response to a borked game is to reinstall and start over. Which clearly you won’t want to do.

    Personally I would probably take the option that was quickest, in this case probably the first. I guess it depends on whether you noticed any other bugginess besides Bors going poof. If you didn’t, then you could always try this first. In case it doesn’t work or more problems appear, you still have a plan B in 2.

    Have you checked if his character file is gone? It could lead to problems if it isn’t and you make a new Bors. That’s one problem I had before and it wasn’t pretty.

    You know, I find the situation highly ironic. I mean, Bors disappearing would actually be a good thing for some of your characters. At least he won’t make any more damage than he already did. But you want to bring him back. I understand why of course, but I can’t help but laugh about the irony. ^^
    And I guess you COULD still work it into the story. Might actually make for good drama, with all those unresolved issues hanging around. You could always say he’s been taken by the fairies, or maybe the Count and Countess got him. ^^

    That being said I do hope you can get him back one way or another. We aren’t through with him yet, and I want to see him getting what’s coming to him.

    I hope you’ll get it sorted out and your game will behave from now on! (Hope dies last, after all!)

  5. Oh, the irony always abounds around here, Ann! Of course it’s the character who everyone wants to get rid of (except me, because Bors creates DRAMAZ and we always need DRAMAZ) who up and disappears. And I won’t let him stay up & disappeared. I can hear Claire and the girls railing at me now …

    The trouble is that I have been noticing some other problems with the game. I will be reinstalling as soon as my computer gets upgraded and making sure that everying is properly patched. I can’t remember if I did the install –> patch, install –> patch thing when I first installed the game on this computer, but you can bet your ass I will do it this time!

    But in the meantime, I’ve put the August backup in and have the Chevauxes re-played. Meg is pregnant and will be having her baby when I planned it. I need to check on the Wesleyans to see if I need to get Isabel pregnant again. (Er … I could probably just summon her to a lot to find that out.) I also need to play a bunch of houses over, including houses where babies have been born. (Particularly the whorehouse and perhaps the Porters.) Anything I said about the names, genders and coloring of those babies can now be considered officially null & void.

    But maybe, when I replay the Porters, they can actually get a boy this time! And, and, maybe the baby will have a dark enough skin so that s/he looks related to his/her siblings!

    But thanks for all the help and advice. 🙂

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