Full-Time Job

In case you all were wondering why updates were slow recently, it’s because I just got a full-time job. I’ve spent the week interviewing and moving (some) of my stuff to where the job is.

I have no plans to close down this blog or stop updating or anything like that. But I have no idea how my free time, or lack thereof, is going to play out. I’m definitely going to need some time to adjust (as well as getting some of my crap into the place where I’m going to actually be living).

I also don’t want to say I’ll be “on hiatus,” because for all I know I could update tomorrow. Or I could not update until next weekend. I just don’t know yet.

I guess the only thing I can say right now is: watch this space. Hopefully I’ll be able to carve out an acceptable work/life balance. And hopefullythere will be updates in the near future. šŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Full-Time Job

  1. Got money coming in, got a new place, so… these things rock, right? You’ve been spoiling us with near-daily updates anyway.

    “Updates will be sporadic” sounds so much nicer than “Hiatus” anyway. I should know, I’m on hiatus. (Being on hiatus stinks. I WANT TO MAKE SIMS STUFF.)

  2. Congrats on the new job and good luck on the (exciting, but always tiring) process of moving.

    I droped by, in fact, to share a info that you might (or might not) know yet. The next The Sims 3 EP is a medieval one. I learned about it today and you were among the first thoughts on mind. Something like “EA is trying hard to convince Morgaine to switch to the new Sims…” LOL.

    ‘Till the next update!

  3. Thanks for all the good wishes, guys! I wish I could give you an update, but alas, these first few weeks are going to be CRAZY.

    *sigh* But it should get better. Eventually. Certainly once October hits, at the very latest … but hopefully I’ll manage to carve out a slice of free time for myself in order to update before that.

    And jurocha — it’s going to take more than “The Sims 3 Medieval” to get me to abandon Sims 2. Not after all the “work” I’ve put into customizing this game just the way I want it! šŸ˜‰

    • haha thats exactly how i feel.. my friend was trying to convince me of the error of my ways the other night but i just couldn’t imagine up and abandoning grimstead. I “could” possibly re-create it but with over 200 sims it not easy task.

  4. So you have something to look forward to when work calms down a bit– Hair Dump VI, while nowhere near ready yet (nine hairs is not a dump. I’ll post when I’ve got twenty or so), will contain a Pooklet’d and alpha-edited tonsure.

    Thought you might want a heads-up.

    • Packed chock full of HP, Aligeth, Nouk, and one lonely Peggy mesh (a re-release, the alpha needed fixing) unless I get around to doing that one Peggy mesh Alfred Askew textured. Alfred paints such awesome curls.

      Hey, no worries, work is work and happens! It also means money, which in the end is a good thing. (Not the root of all evil. That’s love of money. Money is the root of being able to support yourself.)

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