Yet Another New Feature!

Yup, in case you guys didn’t notice, I now have several storylines up on the sidebar. I hope these will be helpful for new readers — hint, if you’re looking for major drama, I’d check out “The Orkney Saga.” The drama just doesn’t stop there.

And if you’reΒ a regular reader and decide to check out some of the storylines, please let me know if there are any glaring omissions — whether it’s a single post or a whole storyline you think is deserving of recognition. I’m only human and I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Hope they make life easier on everybody!


5 thoughts on “Yet Another New Feature!

  1. Ooooh, I’m glad you did this. I’m so going to go revisit some of the old chapters as soon as I get a moment πŸ™‚

    I’ve thought about doing storylines and actually started working on it once, but it can be so hard to decide what to include. There are a lot of instances of posts containing only a few little hints pertaining to the storyline, but those end up being vital and have to be included. And then there’s the whole issue of where to start, which is the same problem only magnified somewhat. Seriously, kudos for pulling this off πŸ˜€

  2. Lol, it wasn’t that big of a deal — of course, Albion is a lot younger than Naroni, and has that many fewer posts. Plus there are just fewer storylines in general. Most of the drama in Albion is centered on the Orkneys, the de Ganises and Berach and Joyce. πŸ™‚

    But I understand how chosing can be hard — there were plenty of times when I just wondered, should I include this? I ended up saying “yes” more often than “no” — we’ll see how well that works out for new (or not-so-new) readers.

    Enjoy reading old posts! πŸ˜€

  3. Yeah i found my storylines difficult to unravel, sometimes i found that a post as a whole might be about something compleatly unrelated but one line was vital. Then you sit there scratching your head about wether or not to include it as the post as a whole might not make sence to readers who haven’t read the over all plot.

  4. Oops i thought of an example on my blog. I was updating and adding the newer posts to my storylines a few days ago and i stumbled on the question of if i should add the “vincent, calling on lars and them runing off the whoop tarik’s butt” posts.

    Now in one way these are important, they give Daniel his whole argument to the council about why he should be made king, however at the same time he’s not actually in the posts and his argument is only based on his perceptions of these events anyway.

    I was concerned that by adding them the whole “warewolf/vampire thing” might confuse readers who hadn’t actually read the tarik or kaitlyn storylines, and also part of me thought that as “daniel himself” didn’t know about vampires warewolves it wouldn’t hurt for readers of his posts not to know either.

    However all this said i felt there was somewhat of a hole.. jumping from him giving Kaitlyn control, to trying to seize it back in the very next post if i left them out and i kinda felt that hole made it abit disjointed.

  5. I kept running into that problem with the A Mother’s Love/More Sinned Against than Sinning storylines. Which posts should go into which storylines? Obviously there’s going to be some overlap, but how confusing will it be to have readers jump from talking about taking Erin’s baby, to a drabble-y post about Angelique and Galahad, to Erin trying to get her baby back?

    I consoled myself with the knowledge that if anyone was confused, they could check out the whole separate storyline created just for that purpose, but … still …

    I think if someone did try to read Daniel’s storyline in isolation, before they read Kaitlyn or Tarik’s, and didn’t know about what went down in the mountains, it would be … confusing. So I think you kind of have to include those posts. Or, on the storyline page itself, you could include a quick one-paragraph summary of what happened in the mountains — revealing as much or as little of the vampire/werewolf/mage situation as you wanted — and then move onto the other posts.

    But honestly, I think in these situations, it’s six of one, half a dozen of the other — no matter what you choose, somebody’s going to be confused. πŸ˜‰ Maybe that will just intrigue them enough so that they decide to read more! :mrgreen:

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