Funny Pics 7/17/10

So, I wanted to write something for real tonight, but … I ended up taking a longer nap than I anticipated, which means my head is still a little on the fuzzy side.

There’s a perfect antidote to that — funny pics!

I also wanted to close these funny pics with Sims I’d made of Igraine (Arthur, Morgause & Morgan’s mother), Uther (Arthur & Morgan’s father), Vortigern, etc., but … I was doing makeup on Igraine and got into a “help me, please, I suck at this!” rut. So Andavri has generously agreed to help me, and while she helps, you get funny pics.

But you didn’t come here for babble. You came for pics!

And you thought I made up Lance & Gwen’s libido for comedic effect. This is all Free Will, people!

Apparently plates can catch fire. Those plates have since been deleted.

Meanwhile, at the Spring Onion, it’s (clockwise from left) undead, immortal, more undead, and teenage poker night!

Random Townie Kid: Oh my plumbbob, what have I gotten myself into?

Well, Lukas, if that little brother of yours grows to be too much of a pest, you can always run away and join the circus as a contortionist!

*humming* Another one bites the dust …

And another one gone, and another one gone, and another one bites the dust!

Cause of death: Approximately 36 Sim-hours of NoUniProtect. … Yes, I do still have it in. 😉

In his spare time, the Albion repairman works as an stuntman on the set of The Exorcist.

Townie lovin’: ACR at its finest.

 Babette, dear, what is it with you and random townie stalkers?

Eilwen, honey, it’s a little hard for Aglovlae to keep this whole relationship a secret if you’re standing right behind them in the middle of the date. Mind whistling somewhere else?

I love the smell of fried beef in the morning. 😈

We end with history repeating itself, because these gals just don’t quit.


2 thoughts on “Funny Pics 7/17/10

  1. Apparently even Maxis doesn’t always get their bone assignments right. Who knew? 😉

    And I have to laugh whenever we get a controtionist backrub. Eight expansion packs, eight stuff packs and they still couldn’t get that fixed. 😉

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