Just for Fun: Meme 7/11/10

Yes, it’s been a couple of days, but, um … *racks brain for excuses* Let’s just say I’ve had a rather interesting weekend that’s been busy when I haven’t been expecting to be busy. But I hope to have an OMG REAL update up tonight. Hope to because I have this nasty habit of posting every day except for when I promise to post.

Anyway, the meme goes as follows:

  1. Post 10 facts about your character.
  2. Tag 5 other characters.
  3. Post their names with the creators’ usernames.
  4. You can tag back!

Van tagged Galahad, so here goes nothin’:

  1. Galahad is eight minutes younger than his twin sister Leona. When they were younger, she never let him forget this.
  2. His mother insists that his first word was, “Why?” but this is actually not true. Galahad’s first word was “Mama,” followed by “why?”
  3. He had his first cup of coffee at the age of five, when he found a cup left sitting out by accident and drank it all down. He was not allowed near coffee for a decade following.
  4. He was once dared to kiss Clarice, but did not understand the point of the dare and so didn’t do it. (Now, if he had been dared to kiss Angelique, well, then, who knows what would have happened? ;))
  5. Galahad was once mocked by Elyan, who claimed that, since Will and Lance are both clean-shaven, it must mean the du Lac men can’t grow facial hair. Galahad grew his goatee in response and has worn it ever since.
  6. Galahad was told by Mother Julian that, when the other students sang in service, it would be better if he just moved his lips and pretended to sing. To this day, his siblings and frat brothers shove towels under the bathroom door to muffle the sound when he sings in the bath.
  7. He was born left-handed, but writes with his right hand owing to superstition about the left side of the body. He does just about everything else left-handed, though.
  8. Although adults often find him exasperating, Gahalad is actually very good with and loves children. Kids like him, too.
  9. The only reason why Galahad did not get a perfect score on the entrance exam to Camford is because his answer to one of the religious questions was so deep and scholarly that the grader couldn’t make head or tail of it, and took off five points because “something in there had to be wrong.”
  10. From his childhood, he has had dreams about being a knight questing after a valuable religious relic. These dreams convinced him to never become a knight, for in each of them he finds that he comes off as an unbearable prig.

Now for the tags:

  • Leiela: Sophie Silverhand, née Hamdun
  • Lothere: Leofric Britmarsson Hingwar
  • Saquina: Sam Sekomoto
  • Chicklet: Lady Sylvia Roberts
  • Van: Laveria of Ashtoreth

If you’re drowning in tags (sorry Van!) or just don’t want to do it, don’t worry. Like the title says, this is just for fun. 🙂

Hope y’all enjoyed that!


17 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Meme 7/11/10

  1. Okay, so St. Max is not actually up on the net yet, but Morgaine asked me to do the ten things for the Queen of St. Maxwell, Natasha Romanov Hanover.

    1. There isn’t an official royal portrait of Natasha in Hanover Castle because the court painter said that Natasha is too dark skinned to be regal. Needless to say Natasha employs her own artists.
    2. Natasha is allergic to certain cheeses, artichokes, and the musk in Tiberius’ cologne. Because of that, Tibby must bathe before finding his way to her bed. Thus explaining why he doesn’t sleep with his wife more often, he’s likely to drown trying to bathe drunk.
    3. If Tibby ever divorced Natasha, her brother, Crown Prince Sergei (of Avertine), would make her one of his personal advisers, where she would likely take on the role of chief diplomat when King Nikolai passes on.
    4. Natasha and Bishop Bernard get together every Thursday for tea, chess, and accusing the other of being heathens.
    5. Every New Years, Natasha makes the same resolution, to try not to call Tibby an asshole: her records for breaking that resolution are nine days at the longest (and he wasn’t even out of town!) and seventeen minutes at the shortest (he kissed, with tongue, a then sixteen-year-old Mariana Lincoln, at the New Years fete. Natasha threw wine in his face and locked herself in her suite for three days.)
    6. Natasha can actually fence with three different weapons.
    7. The only man that Natasha has ever actually had a crush on is *drumroll* Octavian Cheshire! He called her his most worth opponent.
    8. Natasha’s mother, Queen Zinaida, suggested that they dye her red hair dark before her wedding.
    9. Though Natasha doesn’t have any children yet, she actually does want them, even if that means actually having to sleep with Tibby.
    10. Once in council, when Tibby was complaining about the fact that St. Maxwell is not a bigger political player, Natasha said straight to his face, in front of all of his advisers, that if he thought with his brain more and his penis less, that might be changeable.

    I don’t read a lot of sims blogs other than this one, I mean to, but never get around to it. So I have only one:
    1. Morgaine: Mordred. (You can ignore it if you wish)

    I like, it was very interesting I never would have guessed some of that stuff about Galahad. *giggles* Especially how bad his singing is. And that he’s good with kids.

    Morgaine’s Edit: A quick picture to show you all who Natasha and Tiberius are. Natasha is the woman, Tiberius is the man and her good-for-nothing, raping, cheating, thinks-more-with-his-penis-than-his-brain husband.

    Unfortunately, he’s also the hereditary ruler of St. Maxwell’s, which is what Andavri’s kingdom will be named if she ever gets it up! *pokes Andavri*

    Natasha and Tiberius

  2. 8. Galahad would make a wonderful father 😉

    And for some reason, 9 doesn’t surprise me at all. One of these days, Galahad is going to turn the world upside-down 😀

    I’ll get working on Laveria’s right away. I have to do one for Florian too, but I actually wrote his during my breaks at work, so all I need to do is transfer it to my LJ from random scraps of paper in my purse, and then I can focus on Laveria’s. And then hopefully the post I meant to have up last night 😯

    *joins Morgaine’s campaign to bring Andavri’s kingdom to the internet, because it sounds fascinating*

  3. Hmmm this is hard I have some major plot with our little Sophie and don’t want to give too much away 

    1) Even though Sophie is often cruel to Jaedyn, she doesn’t actually have anything against her.. well other than the fact that Hamdun heir isn’t actually a Hamdun, something she plan’s to rectify.
    2) Sophie’s most hated person is actually her sister Kaitlyn who she finds self opinionated and for the most part can’t stand to be around.
    3) She also finds Peter quite irritating, and as children often found ways to suitably punish him for being so, such as trapping his fingers in the lid of the piano which she did on at least 5 occasions.
    4) Sophie understands what’s going on in Grimstead, far better than anyone alive or dead.
    5) Sophie has never been in love.
    6) She doesn’t expect Daniel to be faithful, thinking men worse than dogs in that respect.
    7) Sophie was her father’s favourite.
    8) Sophie is the most intelligent living person in Grimstead, bar one. She found university tedious and boring and finds the life of a royal wife equally as so.
    9) She is scared of cats, she believes there is something un-natural about them.
    10) Sophie worry’s for Abel the most.

  4. Andavri: Why am I not suprised that Natasha was only able to go a little more than a week without calling Tibby an asshole?

    Maybe the better way to keep that resolution would be to find a few new insults for Tibby. Gotta have some variety when insulting the husband, after all! 😉

    Van: Her kingdom IS fascinating. I can’t wait until she gets it up!

    And yeah, I do see kids liking Galahad. He’s so nuts they’d be endlessly amused by them. Plus he’d see nothing wrong about giving them candy for breakfast. 😉

    LOVED Laveria and Florian’s lists.

    Leiela: Wow, that was quick turnaround! Your lists make plenty of sense. I didn’t realize that she wasn’t in love with Daniel — I guess that’s just my inner romantic speaking.

    And now I have more reasons to love Sophie. Smart girl, not to like Peter! And in a way, it makes a bit of sense that she wouldn’t like Kaitlyn … they’re both kind of alpha-females, aren’t they? Even if Sophie is a little nuts, they both like to be the ones in charge, pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    I’m also wondering who of the living people (by which I presume you mean “not undead” as well as just “alive”) is more intelligent than Sophie …

    Thanks for doing this, Leiela! 😀

  5. haha 🙂 Sophie was actually quite difficult there is alot going on in that raven haired little brain of hers im not ready to let spill just yet.

    Daniel is sadly one of those things.. i think “she” wants him to belive she loves him and as i don’t really do any sophie “point of view” posts for fear of going insane, (and letting too much future plot slip) it’s hard to express how she does feel about things.. so readers just get the sophie she’s willing to share.

  6. Lol, sorry I picked a hard one! My second choice was Duncan Silverhand but I thought that might be a bit spoiler-y too. 😉

    That makes a lot of sense. And I think a little bit more of … shall we say, “dark Sophie” is beginning to come out? I mean I can see how she’s using Daniel to get him onto the throne. Though I don’t know why she’s doing that … I hope that she’s doing it for the best possible future for Grimstead.

    But people who think themselves equipped to know the best possible future can be dangerous …

  7. Well, when someone can see the future and isn’t too keen on sharing what that future will be, it tends to make things a bit more complicated. 😉

    I mean, does she just want to be Queen and that’s it? (Seems unlikely since you just said the whole “royalty” thing bored her to tears.) Does she think putting Daniel on the throne is the only way to avoid a catastrophic war between Grimstead and Darkfire? Does she want to be the power behind the throne, which I think is a little different than just being Queen? Does she want to stick it to Kaitlyn? Is she already under the sway of the vampires? Heck, does she want war between Darkfire and Grimstead and knows that putting Daniel on the throne is the fastest way to get it?

    It’s rather difficult to know Sophie’s end game when her author knows that giving it away would also give away certain key plot points. 😉

    • haha so true 😛 but where would the fun be if everything was obvious?? I think it’s fair to say Sophie has no interest in “being queen”

      • There’s very little fun in the obvious. The fun is in the rampant and unfounded speculation! 😉

        And yeah, seems to me that it would take more than pretty dresses and lording it over everyone else to make Sophie’s day. … Especially since she already has some very pretty dresses.

  8. Andavri’s kingdom seems very nice! I hope to see it in the net somdeday! Very good tagging of Sophie also! didn’t know she was so “cold”…

  9. Andavri is reading this. I read everything. I’m nosy, as you well know.

    And St. Max has been on the agenda for after I finished my other obligations. I just never imagined that my other obligations would take me three months!

    But it’s looking like I will be done with them soon. Although I do think that I might get TS2 installed on my other harddrive before I start St. Max back up.

    With luck I’ll be back to working on it by the end of the week. Notice I say with luck and I have to admit most of the luck I’ve had the past six months has been of the bad variety. 😛

  10. Squee!! I didn’t know you did this until just now!
    I have stopped my Grunwald story that has Lady Sylvia Roberts in it. So I guess that means I can give some very spoilery facts about her since the story will not continue. (For my current story see http://www.rosewoodkingdom.blogspot.com.)
    Since my hard drive refused to boot my computer last January I have no pics saved on it from that story. Instead I will direct you to a chapter that has Sylvia pictures: http://grunwaldkingdom.blogspot.com/2010/09/chapter-25-dark-elf.html
    1. Lady Sylvia’s family all died of the plague before she could remember – she doesn’t remember them or have any idea if she was born peasant or nobility.
    2. Pirate Jack, her husband, is the first human being she remembers seeing. They fell in love before he could show her his ship.
    3. Lady Sylvia had an affair with a dark elf because he put her under an evil spell…but she never discovered she was ever under a spell.
    4. Lady Sylvia had triplets by the dark elf that were some of the ugliest babies I have ever seen in game. I could start to see their ugliness as infants as they had enormous ears that stuck out. It’s too bad those pics didn’t get into the story before I stopped writing that one.
    5. Pirate Jack finds his wife very pretty, but was most attracted to Lady Sylvia by her laugh.
    6. Lady Sylvia struggles with social rules due to spending most of her childhood alone. This is why she is so at ease among gypsies.
    7. Lady Sylvia is still the photo I use for my profile and comments in my current story. (As of this post.) This is because I love her.
    8. Lady Sylvia was done mourning a baby she lost, but the pain resurfaced due to an evil spell from the dark elf. (Again she does not know a spell was cast on her.)
    9. The other ladies of Grunwald find Sylvia to not be much of a lady based on her appearance and loud laughter. But none of them have voiced this opinion aloud.
    10. Sylvia’s ugly triplets have horrible personalities from their evil father.

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