End-of-Round Funny Pics: 6/10/2010

So I totally meant to have these up last night, but it was 2 in the morning by the time I finished up last night’s post and page updates, and bed was calling. (New family portraits for the de Ganises and Orphanage families are up, by the way. So you can see the twins and the new Orphanage toddlers! Little Tor looks just like his daddy, I think!)

Ahem, anyway. Pics.

We start with Joyce Pelles: the founding president of Albion’s first Polar Bear Club!

Useless, money-wasting nanny is the vice-president. Oh well, at least this one doesn’t sleep in Berach’s bed wearing only her skivvies.

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words …

Dirty ones, in this case.

These next few aren’t really funny, just kind of cute, or so I thought. They’re the in-game relationship I developed between Dilys and Kay. None of this ever happened, story-wise. (By the way: 3-bolt chemistry FTW!)

Dilys getting up the courage to go in for that first kiss …

She shoots, she scores!

And naturally, we move on to the main attraction from there: the make-out. Seriously, I’m pretty sure this was in both of their want panels before the “first kiss” want. (Unless I was smart and locked Dilys’s “first kiss” want …)

In case you were wondering about the real reason why Brother Andy and Galahad decided to take things to the chess table … grumble grumble, crazy glitched dormies getting in the way of my photoshoots grumble grumble …

Oh, sure, Mirelle. Go into labor ten minutes after the sun comes up, and BEFORE you get into the basement!

Because it’s just not fair to have a labor shot without a baby shot. Meet Pasgen Wills! I downloaded some new skins by Pyxis over at GOS (well, new to me, anyway) and he’s the first one that I know has one of them. Cutie pie, isn’t he?

And y’all thought I was kidding when I said Claire didn’t want to be pregnant again. (Oh, by the way? While she was in aspirational failure, her two biggest wants were “Have a Baby” and “Have 10 Kids”! SIMS, I tell ya! ;))

The most I look at Hat’s “Just a Little Growth” plantsim default, the more I love it. Look! Marigold is now a popsicle plantsim!

Sentrybot has good taste!

And not-so-good taste.

They wore matching outfits in “You Say Goodbye, and I Say Hello,” and now they get matching red “Going Steady” hearts! You two can relax, you know, you’re only going to be steady for about 10 minutes before Kay leaves for Camford. (Oh, and Dilys, thanks to her secondary aspiration of Family, actually WANTED to go steady.)

Because I am in a generous mood, I’ll leave you with some shots of the new students at Camford, pre- and post-medieval makeover.

We’ll start with Kay, who ages up in an outfit straight from Staten Island. Seriously, all he needs is a nice little gold cross to go with the wifebeater, and he can be an extra in any mob movie he likes!

But he medievalifies nicely, I will give him that.

Now, the gals:

Heloise. EEEK! Well, now I know what hairstyle NEVER to put on her! (And the cowgirl shirt and pants … oh, GOD the horror …)

Meanwhile, Garnet showcases one of the main virtures of witchiness. I.e., not aging up in Maxis separates that look like they were put together by a colorblind monkey!

Now for the makeovers. What do you think of yours, Heloise?

Heloise: I like it! I look just the same as I did when I was a teen!

Yes, well, you never were one for change. Garnet?

Garnet: *hurl* With this hair and this cleavage, I look like I should be auditioning on a spot on Ye Olde Jersey Shore!

Um … shut up? 😆

5 thoughts on “End-of-Round Funny Pics: 6/10/2010

  1. That’s funny. I really like Garnets make-over… Oh, and poor Claire. I figured that something like that was going to happen (her breakdown)…

    Can’t wait for the next year/round! 😀

  2. I like Garnet’s makeover too. 🙂 (Well, obviously, or else I would have changed it …) She just surprised me by how Italian she ended up looking.

    And, well, Claire’s breakdown wouldn’t be caused by a certain mean demigoddess locking the baby fear because she wanted to see aspirational failure or anything like that

    *walks away whistling*

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