Funny Pics: 4/1/10

It occurred to me, when I was thinking about what to post for today, to create some sort of wildly wrong story, toss it up, and see who was the first to guess it was an April Fool’s Day prank.

Unfortunately, I had this thought at about 10:00 PM my time — in other words, too late for me to hope to get it up in time.

So I give you the next best thing for April Fool’s Day merriment — Funny Pics!

We’ll start with a steak dinner.

Hope you like yours well-done. 🙂

The next pic involves a bit of good news/bad news. The good news: I got some sweet new NPC replacements from Sunni over at GOS. (She’s got her own site, too, with lots of other goodies.) The bad news: this is one of the first ones I got to see.

Dammit, Sister Margery, ANGELIQUE is supposed to be the horrible cook!

Berach would just love this one if he knew about it.

(In case you were wondering, that’s Joyce. Playing the piano in her swimsuit. [Last time I put a swimmable lake and a piano on the same apartment lot!] And the stalker is Clarence, i.e. the sketchy lodger.)

Chevaux kicky bag tournament!

These next two are a bit of a sneak preview for upcoming posts.

What the — Andrea, I give you a makeover, I give you a part in the Albion story, heck, I even give you an actual in-game friend, and this, this is how you repay me?? Robbing Simon’s house??


(Good news is that she didn’t actually steal anything, because 1. the cop got there before she could, and 2. Simon’s house was built for this challenge, so it’s not like there was anything worth stealing. But still! It’s the principle of the thing!)

We now return to your regularly scheduled Funny Pics.

Sim voyeurs. Gotta love ’em, because I’ve only got one cowplant in this hood, so unfortunately he can’t eat them all.

We now venture to Peerless Park, where the birds will be singing, the flowers blooming, the fish biting, the townies fighting …

Hey, wait a minute, that’s not — EDMOND! You’re supposed to be the nice old man! What are you doing beating up random townies? And in front of your young, impressionable grandson, too!

Er … well, Paddy is one of the demon Brogan kids. I guess I should just be glad he’s cheering for his grandpa, and not against him.

Edmond: Now, what’d we learn, Paddy?

Paddy: Don’t get into fights, but …

Edmond: But?

Paddy: If you must fight — WIN!

Edmond: That’s my boy!

Happy April Fool’s, everybody! 😀


4 thoughts on “Funny Pics: 4/1/10

  1. That’s so funny! I especially like Sister Margery and fried cow! 😛 Oh, and all time favorite: Simon gets robbed (or almost)… Andrea needs to steal the rich, at least they got something worth stealing! 😛

  2. Oh, Andrea’s stolen from the rich, too! I swear half of my Sims are either furious at her, or have a ridiculously high relationship with her as a result of the furious state wearing off. (And she keeps calling them at weird times. I mean, it’s like, lady, you robbed our house — why would we EVER want to talk to you?!)

    And Hat, if that’s all it takes for you to like a Sim, then you’ll love most of the female dormies in my ‘hood — your dresses are very popular selections for outerwear, formal wear and everyday gowns. 😉 Thanks so much for making them!

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