Funny Pics: 2/15/10

Hey everybody! Hope you had a good Valentine’s Day. πŸ™‚ But you didn’t come here for post-Hallmark holiday wishes, you came here for the pictures. So, on with the show!

Leah’s probably going to need YEARS of therapy after this … to say nothing of Berach … or me!

Not too much funny in this, other than the fact that it was fall. I just love the penguin. πŸ™‚

I know people talk a lot about leather seats you just sink into, but really … I don’t think they meant this. You sure you’re ok there, Jess? Breathing all right? Can you feel your arms?

Babette: “And you wonder why no boy will go out with you.”

Bors de Ganis apparently has a secret power … a powerful power … the power to turn newspapers invisible! He also lacks another power, the power of discernment, considering as he’s stealing the newspaper from one of the only friends he has in the story. (Lancelot.)

And you thought I was making up the bit about Galahad being out of his mind …

Look!Β A flying fish! My game must be officially awesome!!

Like father, like daughter, I guess … 1) for stealing the newspaper and 2) for doing so in an incredibly stupid manner. Angelique! Can you not see the man-maid standing right there, ready to lecture you?!

Here’s an OFB tip for you: badly in need of stars? Just give birth in front of all the customers! Guaranteed to increase their customer loyalty!

You want to know the pathetic part? See that blonde guy on the far right, way in the back? He’s one of my neighborhood’s NPC reporters, and directly after the baby was born, he gave the whorehouse a good review. No, I am not kidding.

And last but not least …

Swing Me Around: You’re doin’ it wrong.


5 thoughts on “Funny Pics: 2/15/10

  1. Bors is stealing Lance’s paper? I have maintained for a long, long time that Bors is not the brightest candle in the keep…

    … but DAMN!

    I like the flying fish. But did you have to put up the nanny undies pic? Aren’t we scarred enough as it is? Oh well, could be worse.

    … could be BORS walking around in his drawers.

  2. And I thought he was exaggerating about his awful nanny.

    I didn’t know that giving birth makes customers happy. And I just love it when the whore house gets a good review. I snicker whenever the rank goes up too. Now if the whore house gets a bad review….well that’s just sad….and incredibly funny.

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