Funny Pics: 11/21/09

I procrastinated a bit on these pics … so now I have a ton to show! But you didn’t come here to watch me blather, you came here for the pics. So, on we go!

(These are all in no particular order, btw.)


Ok, Lynn, Jessie — I know you’re friends. I know you’re close friends. But you’re not that close and Lynn, you have your OWN dorm room! Sleep in it!

Hmm … guess Helena isn’t interested in hearing about why she shouldn’t wear makeup … I wonder why?

Hey, remember Black-tunic from The Barflies? Yeah, he’s totally getting his at the crazy glitched guys’ dorm. >:-)

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, this isn’t funny, this is actually a really cute shot!” Or it would be. Except you’re not recognizing these girls in their fugly Maxis maternity wear. (I say this because I didn’t recognize one of them until I hovered over her.)

The brunette is Meg Chevaux — the one who got married in Faithfully. (Don’t ask me what happened to her hair.) The redhead is Erin Brothel. AKA Pierre’s favorite whore.

And they’re both carrying Pierre’s baby.

And you thought the nobles had all the drama … 😉

Apparently Pierre isn’t the only one who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “Faithfully.” Berach, you are going to be in soo much trouble if Joyce finds out about this one, too!

Um, Ailís, glad to know you’re making friends, but, don’t you think that throwing water balloons at a ROBOT might be, I don’t know, a recipe for running amok? Just maybe?

Oh yeah, Elyan, why don’t you just noogie the second in line to throne … BRILLIANT idea … keep this up and you’ll be as smart as your old man someday.

Why you should break the seal on your vamps with caution. Thanks Finley. Thanks a lot.

And he gets … stars from it? Who knew!

Hmm … guess these two haven’t gotten the “we’re supposed to hate each other” memo yet.

WILL! Don’t steal from your family’s money tree, that’s Leona’s aspiration booster! If you MUST have drinking money, just tell your dad, he’ll probably be so grateful for one normal child he’ll buy the pub for you.

Lamorak, do yourself a favor and don’t let Garnet see you fawning over the whore. Trust me, you’ll be a much happier man.

Duelling wands!

Can you guess which person in this pic has talent? 😉

And that’s all for now! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have an actual update for you. Until then, happy simming! 🙂


One thought on “Funny Pics: 11/21/09

  1. LOL! I like, especially the “If you MUST have drinking money, just tell your dad, he’ll probably be so grateful for one normal child he’ll buy the pub for you.” & “keep this up and you’ll be as smart as your old man someday.” Very funny!

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