Page Updates & Funny Pics

No story updates today, I’m afraid, but I do have some page updates. “Pictures?” I can hear you asking. Well, no, not really. Though the pics for the Royal, Noble, College & Sims of the Church pages are up if you haven’t seen them yet. But I do have everyone’s “real age” up, as well as their personalities. Why? Well, because a) I thought it was pertinent info, b) I’m trying to keep the Sims’ “blog personalities” and “game personalities” roughly lined up, and c) because of reason b), I had to keep track of it for myself, so I figured I might as well share it with you guys. 🙂

So how ages are going to work: basically I’ll update the profiles pages at the beginning of each round, naming the age the Sim is at the start of the round. I should explain here that I’m also keeping track, for new Sims and recently born Sims, of when exactly they were born (i.e. what day of the season) so I can have their birthday on that day. So in other words, baby Jean Shepherd starts this round at the ripe ol’ age of 0. She will turn one, however, on the evening of the 5th day of the season. I won’t update her profile, though, until the beginning of the next season. Why? Because otherwise I’d be updating pages every time I got out of the game. And then when would I find time to write the real posts?

But enough of that. In lieu of a real post, here are some funny pics to brighten your day (evening?):

Potty training the holy way. (That’s Nyasha Farrier stuck in Sister Margery’s midsection.)

Kids, this is why your mom and dad tell you when it’s thundering and lightning, to GET OUT OF THE POOL. And no, I don’t know who these Sims are, just some customers at King Arthur’s Royal Hunting Grounds. I’m just counting my lucky stars that nobody DIED in this thunderstorm.

… Ok, ok, so I used Maxmotives whenever I saw a crispy Sim. What can I say? The Grim Reaper doesn’t pay when he comes on the lot!

That’s right, Edmond, kill the witch! Kill her with BUG SPRAY for all the roaches she brings onto my BUSINESS lots! Oh, and for the thunderstorm, which lead to scenes like this …

CLAIRE DE GANIS! What do you think you’re doing, parading around town in your burnt-out skivvies? Bors is going to be pissed!!!

This next section I would like to entitle “Fun with the Sentrybot”:

NOBODY steals the Pendragon’s newspaper. 😉

That’s all for now — tune in tomorrow (hopefully), when we meet the Chevauxes and as many as the Pelleses as made it into the pics, for the first-ever Chronicles of Albion* wedding! Ciao, amici!

*Not the first wedding, just the first in the blog.


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