Funny Pics: 10/05/09

Ok, so these pics weren’t all taken today, some of them I’ve actually been saving for a while. I think that’s going to be pattern with these posts, I’ll hold onto the funny pics, and when I get enough of them to make a post worthwhile, well, I’ll post.

Without further ado, here they are.

Photo was taken at Dreamy Fields (the sports hobby lot) … it’s just like a real sports event! Fights breaking out all over the place! (Don’t worry, they’re just a bunch of townies beating each other up.)

Gypsy: That’s odd … I see a pair of horses in my future … but I thought the Omnipotent One got rid of all the fugly townies?

You know, Accolon, I think it would work better if you could, you know, actually see your kid’s homework. Just a suggestion.

Guess holy water & crosses aren’t going to be good vampire deterrents in this neighborhood.

HOW OLD ARE YOU, LANCELOT?! Seriously, I went to his “lands” (farm/produce store business lot) twice this play session, and between evil witch visits and general Spring rainyness, there were a lot of puddles — and whenever I turned around, he was doing this! Grr. Get back to work!

Lastly, I leave you with an inspiring pic, one we would all love to see more of … Sir Bors cowering before a female’s wrath sales pitch.

That’s it for now — adios, everyone!


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